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Re: Fw: Tolkien Society visit to Aston University

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  • Mike Foster
    The food, in terms of variety, preparation, and tastiness, was the best we ve had in all our years of such events [exception: Keble College 1992
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2006
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      The food, in terms of variety, preparation, and tastiness, was the best
      we've had in all our years of such events [exception: Keble College 1992
      Centenary....maybe]. The menu choices were numerous, and the only
      serious problems we had were on deciding which dessert.

      The staff was quite flexible in their working with problems caused by
      the sheer number of particpants, but that's to their credit. If you
      left hungry, it was your own fault.

      All Aston reps we met were courteous and friendly. They deserve TS praise.


      Tolkien Society Publicity wrote:

      >(Apologies to those duplicated across lists)
      >I've just had this email in, do people think our experience of Aston was
      >good enough overall that we should help out?
      >>From my experience of the catering I'd be inclined to say "Sorry can't help
      >you" having only had one good meal on site (in the Waterside dining room
      >used for accommodation meals), however, Anke & me are such a very small
      >sample that we're probably the last people he should ask; I think lot of
      >people dined in and enjoyed it.
      >There are also the benefits of publicity for the TS (and 2005, albeit too
      >late) to weigh against what benefits Aston seek from it. Although with
      >regard to the latter point, I'd say that if the chef mentioned was the chap
      >in the Waterside then people may wish to help as a show of thanks (should
      >the experience have been positive enough).
      >Lastly, in that case do we have some good photos we could use?
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      >From: "Tim Heming"
      >Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 3:40 PM
      >Subject: Tolkien Society visit to Aston University
      >>Dear Ian
      >>I am writing a feature on conferencing at Aston University with respect to
      >>their executive head chef, Mr Gene Downes. He informs me that one of his
      >>most successful events was the visit of your society to the university
      >>campus and I thought this would make an interesting inclusion into the
      >>Do you have any pictures from the event that we could perhaps use in the
      >>magazine feature (it is called University Caterer and goes to catering
      >>managers in UK universities). Failing this, do you have any more generic
      >>press shots that you would be able to email me for inclusion.
      >>many thanks for your time, I look forward to your response.
      >>kind regards
      >>Tim Heming
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