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Re: [mythsoc] Good Pullman profile in NYer

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  • David Bratman
    ... And Merry Christmas to you as well. I don t go along with Douthat s following generalization of this as an example of the culture wars, because I m
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 24, 2005
      Stolzi wrote:
      >I think I meant, it doesn't puff him up or tear him down, it goes into his
      >ideas in depth, shows where he's coming from, tells a bit about him as a man
      >and how he lives. Not apparently an anti-Lewis axe-grinding piece, either,
      >it simply quotes Pullman's reprehensible opinions on that subject

      Well, I may be getting dangerously offtopic here, but this is what Ross Douthat says about it at http://www.andrewsullivan.com:

      >Why profile Pullman, an author whose last book was released three years ago?
      >Because he hates C.S. Lewis's Narnia, of course - or rather, Narnia
      >specifically and Christianity generally - and because Narnia and its themes
      >are on everyone's lips these days. Inevitably, the profile is glowing, if
      >not worshipful: Pullman's assertions go unchallenged, his motivations go
      >unplumbed, and there's no hint that his militant atheism lends his fiction
      >precisely the lecturing, bullying, force-feeding quality that he claims to
      >dislike so much in the Narnia books. (And who, after all, could object to a
      >writer whose "fundamental objection is to ideological tyranny"?) Whereas of
      >course when the New Yorker dealt with poor benighted Lewis a few weeks ago,
      >the essay was all about how nice and swell the Narnia books are, but how
      >much better they would have been if it hadn't been for all that annoying
      >dogmatic stuff - and by the way, did we mention that Lewis had a "weird and
      >complicated sex life"? Oh, and Merry Christmas.

      And Merry Christmas to you as well. I don't go along with Douthat's following generalization of this as an example of the "culture wars," because I'm supposed to be on Pullman's side of this but I reject him as a spokesman for any cause of mine. And the piece is by the same Laura Miller who was bloviating so ignorantly on Salon about Lewis a couple weeks ago (<http://www.salon.com/ent/movies/feature/2005/12/07/narnia/index.html>), not on secularist grounds but by having bought into the Puritan fundamentalism of John Goldthwaite, the man who rejects fantasy as inconsistent with Christian theology. (Read the letters attached to the article, which amount to an advanced course in what's wrong with Goldthwaite, but I doubt Miller paid any attention.)

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