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Re: [mythsoc] Catherine Seipp

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  • Stolzi
    ... From: John D Rateliff ... Quite true; Rowling s prose is serviceable at best, Lewis is a lot better than that. ... Not so very
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 14, 2005
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      OK, I'll mix in here:

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "John D Rateliff" <sacnoth@...>

      > An interesting piece for the "errors" it attempts to address, but I
      > think she's on v. shaky ground in her assertion that the Narnia
      > stories are better-written than Rowlings' HARRY POTTER

      Quite true; Rowling's prose is serviceable at best, Lewis' is a lot better
      than that.

      >books or
      > Pullman's DARK MATERIALS.

      Not so very true, but the books are on a different level, Narnia being
      children's fic and Pullman definitely YA.

      Leaving Horace's "no arguing about taste"
      > aside, her claim that nobody reads one of the Rowlings or Pullman
      > books more than once is just, to borrow her phrase, "jaw-droppingly
      > wrong".


      Diamond Proudbrook, just now reading ORDER OF THE PHOENIX for the second or
      third time (but not liking it as much as the others)
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