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Re: [mythsoc] The Roar Over C.S. Lewis's Otherworldly Lion

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  • Jonathan Michael Reiter
    Hi, Stolzi. Atomtetsuwan2002 here. I just read the article. I was not required to register, so a plus. I didn t think the article s tone was terribly
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 8, 2005
      Hi, Stolzi. Atomtetsuwan2002 here. I just read the article. I was not required to register, so a plus. I didn't think the article's tone was terribly flippant, although it seemed like an accurate article...
      ps. I have all seven of Lewis' Narnia books as a slipcovered edition... I got them from the Costco in Saskatoon(I live in Saskatoon.). I don't remember the price, sorry.
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      May require registration. Fairly accurate, though with a flip tone that may
      annoy Lewis' fans.


      This article scores fairly high. I only see two obvious errors, one is
      minor - Mrs. Moore's name was "Janie," not "Janice." Then there's

      ' As academic, as Christian apologist (meaning one who speaks in defense of)
      and finally, best known, as the author of the seven books in the Narnia
      series, published between 1950 and 1956. '

      Surely the third "best known" career is as a novelist - with several books
      to his credit besides Narnia: the "Space Trilogy" and his last novel, "Till
      We Have Faces."

      He didn't just answer his child fans as the article suggests - he answered
      =all= his letters, but we have to bear in mind that his brother - who could
      type - helped greatly, as his secretary. (Warnie didn't go off on benders
      all the time.)

      As for the Tilda Swinton quote, I understand the movie-makers have stressed
      the war angle and decided to make the White Witch a Nordic/Nazi type, but I
      don't think that's what =Lewis= meant to put in the story, except that of
      course he hated all despotisms.

      Diamond Proudbrook

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