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recommended videos for a 10-yr old

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  • David Lenander
    ... Well, gee, I mentioned it back in November: From Nov 17, 2005, Digest # 2056 ... [. . . .] ... I don t think _Nausica_, which John R mentioned as
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      > Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 16:29:49 -0500
      > From: Ellen <carnimiriel@...>
      > Subject: Re: Re: can anyone recommend books/videos for a 10-yr-old
      > girl?
      > I also had another thought for a film that I don't believe anyone has
      > mentioned yet - /Spirited Away - /

      Well, gee, I mentioned it back in November:

      From Nov 17, 2005, Digest # 2056

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      > Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 11:54:02 -0600
      > From: David Lenander <d-lena@...>
      > Subject: Children's fantasy recommendations
      [. . . .]
      > You might want to think about some of the
      > Miyazaki animated films, including _My Neighbor, Toturo_, _Spirited
      > Away_, _Howl's Moving Castle_ (from the outstanding book by Diana Wynne
      > Jones, though the movie changes much, and reverses the meaning of what
      > it doesn't change), _Kiki's Delivery Service_. _Princess Mononoke_ is
      > pretty intense, something also true of some of the others.

      I don't think _Nausica_, which John R mentioned as supposedly
      Miyazaki's masterpiece, is anywhere near his best film, and like
      Mononoke, it's perhaps too intense for the 8 and 10 year old audience
      that is suggested. I think even _Spirited Away_ might be (though I
      think that's the best film of the bunch--with the possible exception of
      _My Neighbor, Totoro_. And it's the last film that is the obvious
      choice, here. A much better film than _Kiki's Delivery Service_, I can
      also see why that one is recommended for the 8 and 10 year olds. I
      remember the kids really liking _Totoro_ at Mythcon a few years back,
      in California, and at Wiscon, when a large audience was watching it
      raptly, a suggestion that it was running past the scheduled start of
      some other, more adult film, and perhaps we could start the other film
      since everyone had already seen this one many times was shouted down.
      It was a sensation in Japan as half of a double-feature with _Grave of
      the Fireflies_. Where its unmixed sweetness probably was well balanced
      with the unmixed bitterness and pain of that film. In any case, just
      buy the film you choose, renting it three times isn't enough. we had
      to rent the videotape of _Totoro_ repeatedly while the film was
      unavailable for several years and our daughter had to see it again and
      again. And unlike even such Disney films as _Lion King_ or _Little
      Mermaid_ or _Aladdin_, I found that I didn't mind rewatching it with

      I know that David B (and perhaps others) have dismissed the BBC Narnia
      series of fifteen or twenty years ago, but I rather liked them, and I
      believe that they are easily available. They were broadcast here on
      the PBS Wonderworks show, which also showed some other programs,
      including a dramatization of E. Nesbit's _Five Children and It_, which
      I think was called _The Sand Fairy_. I liked that, and guess that the
      10 and 8 year-old girls who liked _Ella Enchanted_ might also. I just
      bought a 2-DVD set of _Five Children and It_ and _The Return of It_
      published by BBC/Home Vision HVE Entertainment, which I think might be
      a retitled version of that program, along with more episodes than I had
      previously seen (I've not had time to watch it as yet). These were
      made in 1991 and 1993. Don't confuse them with the _Five Children and
      It_ made in 2004, and (I believe) released in British theaters but only
      on DVD in the U.S. It starred Freddie Highmore (who starred in Charlie
      and the Chocolate Factory and _Finding Neverland_) and the moviemakers
      did their best to make it a vehicle for him, reassigning lines from
      Cyril and Katherine and the other characters to him, changing the time
      period, reassigning plot elements from C.S. Lewis to the film, etc.
      Kenneth Branagh starred as Uncle Albert (who?? yes, I know) and there
      was a disagreeable cousin (a lot like Eustace Scrubb) who captured the
      Sand Fairy and wanted to dissect him. Big budget effort in comparison
      with the BBC television program, spectacular visual effects, in
      comparison, but rather a waste of a lot of money, though the film has
      its moments. (These were hard to enjoy over my daughter's screams
      about the various sacrileges to E. Nesbit's original story, of course).

      David Lenander
      2095 Hamline Ave. N.
      Roseville, MN 55113

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