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Re: [mythsoc] Re: can anyone recommend books/videos for a 10-yr-old girl?

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  • Mike Foster
    Ellen & Walter, You are correct, Ms. & Sir. David Emerson gave me & Jo this as a beer & pizza gift when he came down to Metamora to jam with a Fine Kettle of
    Message 1 of 30 , Dec 1, 2005
      Ellen & Walter,
      You are correct, Ms. & Sir.

      David Emerson gave me & Jo this as a beer & pizza gift when he came down
      to Metamora to jam with a Fine Kettle of Fish on our way to Mythcon in
      Nashville in '03 or in Ann Arbor in '04. The fact that central to
      Illinois from St. Paul to Nashville makes much more sense than to U.
      Michigan leads me to believe it was '04.

      It is brilliant. Circe myth evoked, Hansel & Gretel reversed, Disney's
      Pinocchio, Edge-O-Phobia & Jackson's Moria Staggering Staircases also
      well done.

      Like every truly great tale as old as Sir Gawaine & Treasure Island or
      CSL & JRRT, or as recent as Yolen-Stemple's Pay the Piper or
      Horvath-Wiles Line Drives: 100 Contemporary Baseball Poems, it is about

      And about two hours long.

      Heed Ellen's & Padgett's advice: Foster's advice.


      Walter Padgett wrote:

      >On 12/1/05, Ellen <carnimiriel@...> wrote:
      >>I also had another thought for a film that I don't believe anyone has
      >>mentioned yet - /Spirited Away - /the English-dubbed version of a
      >>Japanese animated film that won the 2003 Oscar. It is a marvelous fairy
      >>tale of a girl who ends up in a world of spirits and, among other
      >>adventures, has to stand up to some very unusual spirit characters,
      >>befriend a dragon, and rescue her parents, who have been turned into
      >>pigs. It is also a great cross-cultural experience because of the
      >>Japanese setting and mythology. I loved this so much I have rented it
      >>three times total, and I seldom do that for a movie. I highly recommend
      >>checking it out!
      >>Ellen Denham
      >Yes. I loved =Spirited Away.= What was especially interesting was
      >the old grandfather character, and the way he talked to the little
      >girl. He scolded her mercilessly in private, but his actions showed
      >her that he cared for her quite deeply. He was willing to give her
      >the train tickets she needed, and he got her a job by bribing someone
      >with a mysterious black noodle. That was funny. I think our daughter
      >was probably 8 or 9 when we watched it together. She is 11 now, and
      >we still refer to it, occasionally. It changed the way we saw things,
      >a little. I think it is a great movie.
      >Walter Padgett
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    • John D Rateliff
      I d just like to add my voice to Ellen s, Walter s, and Amy s praise of Hayao Miyazaki s work: there s a reason he s widely viewed as the finest animated
      Message 2 of 30 , Dec 2, 2005
        I'd just like to add my voice to Ellen's, Walter's, and Amy's praise
        of Hayao Miyazaki's work: there's a reason he's widely viewed as the
        finest animated filmmaker in the world. I'd recommend KIKI'S DELIVERY
        SERVICE as perfect for that age group: it's the story of a thirteen-
        year-old girl setting out to make a place for herself in the world.
        MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO skews slightly younger, but it's the film he's
        most loved for in Japan. SPIRITED AWAY is a wonderful fairy tale that
        skews slightly older. THE CAT RETURNS, his studio's latest release
        but made by a different director (he and his partner are trying to
        groom a next generation of talent to take over after they're gone),
        is good lighthearted fun aimed squarely at that age group.
        The whole Studio Ghilbi film catalogue is worth checking out for
        anyone at all interested in animation or fantasy film, ranging from
        GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES (a truly heartbreaking tale about a brother
        and sister orphaned by Allied firebombing in WWII Japan*) to
        NAUSICAA: THE VALLEY OF THE WIND (a girl trying to stop a war and
        ecological devastation in a post-apocalyptic world; generally
        considered his masterpiece) to PORCO ROSSO (a WWI flier trying to
        make a living as a freelance pilot in the 1920s Adriatic after having
        been turned into a giant pig) to PRINCESS MONONOKI (a brutal fight
        between those defending the wilderness and those who want to
        modernize), and much more, from quiet slice-of-life tales of first
        love (WHISPERS OF THE HEART) to a dystopian little micro-film that
        tells its entire story in five minutes (ON YOUR MARK). Luckily, the
        huge anime boom of the last few years means that these films have
        finally all been released over here: for years Disney, which bought
        up the US rights, would neither release them nor allow anyone else to
        do so.


        *do NOT watch this one without a plentiful supply of kleenix in the
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