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Tolkien re. Narnia

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  • John D Rateliff
    Unfortunately he never explains the grounds of Tolkien s criticism of the Narnia stories. (And someone tell me, was it =just= that Tolkien thought the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2005
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      "Unfortunately he never explains the grounds of Tolkien's criticism of the
      Narnia stories."

      "(And someone tell me, was it =just= that Tolkien thought the mythic elements
      used were an inconsistent mish-mosh, or was his somewhat puritan soul
      troubled specifically by the fauns, satyrs and nymphs, and what they got up
      to in actual ancient myth?)"

      --Not the latter, since Tolkien includes a nymph as a character in LotR (Goldberry).

      --As for the former, we only have one or two comments by Tolkien re. Narnia, so anyone who goes beyond them has to extrapolate and guess. Critics have speculated that he was jealous of the ease with which Lewis wrote them, that they failed to meet his exacting standards, or that he simply had good taste. But it's only speculation; all we know as a fact is that he didn't like them (or at least the first one, the only one there's any evidence he ever read). I've recently been wondering whether he would or wouldn't have watched the tv adaptation of LWW when it was broadcast on British tv in 1967; I honestly don't know.

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