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Sam, was:: O.W.L.'s in Harry Potter (spoiler at end)

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  • ftl_publications
    ... thinks what ... wrong, ... he and Frodo ... quest ... doesn t mean it ... think that Sam ... I can t ... this. Ever. Having read both yours and David B s
    Message 1 of 71 , Aug 2, 2005
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, Walkermonk@a... wrote:

      > Why, yes, yes I did. Didn't you read the rest of the trilogy? Sam
      thinks what
      > he does is wrong, but it isn't. It saves the quest. How can that be
      > regardless of his emotional reaction? If he had stayed with Frodo,
      he and Frodo
      > and the ring would have been captured and brought to Sauron and the
      > would have failed. Just because Sam thinks leaving Frodo was wrong
      doesn't mean it
      > was actually the wrong thing to do. If you wish to continue to
      think that Sam
      > did the wrong thing by leaving Frodo and thereby saving the quest,
      I can't
      > even begin to address your perspective. We will never agree on
      this. Ever.

      Having read both yours and David B's comments on this issue (and I
      have read David B's response to this), I have to say I'm inclined to
      agree with you, Grace. It's easy to see all the options after the
      fact, but at the time, I think Sam made the best choice he could.

      (I do agree, however, with David B's later comment that It All Turned
      Out Right In The End For A Reason, even if Sam's choice at the time
      was admittedly awkward and admittedly he had other options, and may
      have even thought of other options if circumstances had been

    • Larry Swain
      ONe tidbit I didn t see mentioned in the various takes on the theory: at the end Harry rather considers getting Snape as a possible by-product, but isn t
      Message 71 of 71 , Aug 14, 2005
        ONe tidbit I didn't see mentioned in the various takes on the theory: at the end Harry rather considers "getting Snape" as a possible by-product, but isn't overly concerned with Snape or Malfoy. One could counter that he is focused on Voldemort, but I'm not sure I buy that as just putting Snape out of mind.

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