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  • Katie Glick
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2005
      << Also,I'd thought I'd ask if there are certain books that you've
      > read in summers past that are linked in your mind to those
      > summer memories? In my case, for example, I first read
      > Tolkien as a summer camp counselor.( I borrowed a fellow
      > counselor's Ace editions.) And it was also the same summer I
      > read both EE Doc Smith's sf series and Edgar Rice Burroughs
      > John Carter of Mars series. / /So when I see those books on my
      > bookshelve
      > I think of those days when I bought them at a small bookstore on the
      > main street of Hyannis and reading them while lying on my bunk
      > at night after the kids were asleep.
      > Anyone else have similiar associations?
      > / /Bill>>

      Currently I am reading "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell" ... or trying. It's
      slow going since I am also studying for the bar exam and shouldn't really be
      doing outside reading, but I can't think of a time in my life when I haven't
      done "outside reading," sometimes at the expense of my required reading.

      I did have a little moment that makes me feel a pang for authors like
      Susanna Clarke. A friend was over and saw that I had it and was talking
      about how she wanted to read it and was supposed to review it for a magazine
      she works for and her boyfriend was like, "oh, but you know ... it's science
      fiction/fantasy so ..." Like his girlfriend who loves literature wouldn't
      possibly like a book that was science fiction or fantasy (despite the fact
      that she was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which seems pretty much
      in that genre to me). I wonder how many people don't pick a book like that
      up because "it's fantasy." It's so different from your average doorstop
      fantasy series.

      As for past associations, the only books I have strong associations with
      summer are "A Prayer for Owen Meany," which I read in a high school summer.
      But really the only reason I associate that with summer is that it was the
      only time I had to write a "what I read this summer" when I came back to
      school. Most strongly associated with summer are Anne Rice's Lestat books
      because I went to summer camp and got horribly sunburned because of
      antibiotics I was taking that made my skin photosensitive and spent most of
      the daylight hours indoors reading those books. Which, now that I think of
      it is quite appropriate, reading vampire books at a time I was allergic to
      the sun. And I remember the summer before going to college reading a lot of
      poetry. It was kind of an angst-y summer. I was dating a troubled youth and
      doing a lot of things I shouldn't, armed with a sense of "well, I'm leaving
      soon anyway" and as a consequence I read a lot of poetry and wrote a lot in
      a journal to try to make sense of what was going on, though it didn't work
      very well. Other than that ... no summer reading stands out, really. I read
      constantly so unless I have something specific to fix it with, all the
      reading sort of blends into each other.

      I do remember in college I spent a lot of time in the summers reading the
      books I was supposed to have read during the school year. I found, after
      committing to being an English major that when someone tells me read
      something, I can't help but find it the most tedious and boring thing ever
      written, but then when I read it on my own I could suddenly enjoy and
      appreciate it. Which is why I never attempted to go into publishing.


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