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ISSS: Invitation to help plan an extraordinary event for July 2006

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  • lezlie1@znet.com
    Hello-- Something that the mytho-poets might be especially interested in: a project I am working on for Summer 2006. Already, several musicians, poets, a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
      Hello-- Something that the "mytho-poets" might be especially interested in:
      a project I am working on for Summer 2006. Already, several musicians,
      poets, a documentarian and researchers utilizing arts-informed inquiry in a
      variety of disciplines have joined the planning committee. It has become
      both extraordinary and exciting. Feel free to post this message and to pass
      it along.

      Lezlie Kinyon, Ph.D.
      Program Committee Chair, ISSS, 2005
      Organizing SIG Chair, 2006
      International Society for the Systems Sciences

      Dear Colleagues,

      You are getting this invitation because your name was either given to me by
      a colleague as being interested in the use of arts in research or because we
      have spoken on this subject.

      Next summer at the Sonoma 2006: The 50th Annual Meeting of the International
      Society for the Systems Sciences Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park,
      California, USA July 9th - 14th 2006 a special session on arts-informed
      inquiry is being proposed by the planning committee. This note is a special
      invitation for participation in the planning of that event. There will be
      time for discussion, presentations of artistic, musical, literary,
      performance and scholarly works as well as a show arranged for artists
      working in sculpture, painting and other visual media. We have a little over
      a year to create this special event together.

      For those of you using the tools of art in scholarly research already (or,
      conversely, the tools of research in art), this will be a very exciting
      opening of some doors and a meeting of minds, indeed! (If you would like an
      interesting link to some researchers engaged in arts-informed research go
      to: http://home.oise.utoronto.ca/~aresearch/Publications.htm or

      If you would like to help(or if you know someone who would)in the
      planning an preparation of this exciting project, please contact Lezlie
      Kinyon, Ph.D.,(isss06lezlie@...) or Bela A Banathy, Ph.D.
      (babanathy@...) for further information. This project is truly in
      the beginning of the planning stages, and your participation will be eagerly

      Lezlie Kinyon Ph.D.
      Bela A. Banathy, Ph.D.
      Organizing SIG Chairs, 2006
      Information about he International Society for the
      Systems Sciences can be found at http://www.isss.org
      including information for the 2005 conference in July 2005, Cancun MX.

      "...it concerns three men who are about to be executed. The prison governor
      calls them to his office, and explains that each will be granted a last
      request. The first one confesses that he has led a sinful life, and would
      like to see a priest. The governor says he thinks he can arrange that. And
      the second man? The second man explains that he is a professor of
      cybernetics. His last request is to deliver a final and definitive answer to
      the question: what is cybernetics? The governor accedes to this request
      also. And the third man? Well, he is a doctoral student of the professor --
      his request is to be executed second."Joke Related by Stafford Beer
      October 2001
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