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FW: Michael Moorcock's Multiverse (no deadline; collection)

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    A collection some of you might be interested in. Janet Croft University of Oklahoma ... From: Popular Culture & American Culture Associations/H-Net Discussion
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2005
      A collection some of you might be interested in.

      Janet Croft
      University of Oklahoma

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      From: Popular Culture & American Culture Associations/H-Net Discussion
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      Subject: Michael Moorcock's Multiverse (no deadline; collection)

      CFP: Exploring the Multiverse: A Study of the Works of Michael Moorcock
      (Collection). Editor: Thomas Fortenberry.

      Submissions are invited for a new collection of essays studying the
      writings of British author Michael Moorcock. Moorcock has had a long and
      amazingly successful career as both editor and author. Winner of
      numerous awards (including the British Fantasy Award, World Fantasy
      Award, and being shortlisted for the Whitbread [Mother London]), he is
      most famous for having created a vast and fantastic multiverse of
      interconnected realities centered around the concept of a recurrent
      Eternal Champion.

      This collection endeavors to explore that multiverse on many levels and
      examine the many incarnations of the Eternal Champion. Moorcock, much
      like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, and J. R.
      R. Tolkien, has created unique worlds and memorable characters that have
      become archetypal and influenced a generation of readers and writers.
      For instance, there is an entire gaming universe and fiction subgenre of
      fantasy based around his doomed albino prince Elric of Melnibone and his
      giant, sentinent, magical, black rune-covered sword, along with
      screenplays and films in development. And there are numerous other
      characters and series with such impact in the fantasy, gaming, musical,
      and fan worlds. However, Moorcock's fiction and its widespread impact
      have yet to be the subject of a major critical study, which this
      collection hopes to rectify. With over 50 novels, including dozens of
      series and recurrent characters, plus his hundreds of imitators in the
      fantasy genre, there is ample ground to explore.

      Possible topics (though certainly not all inclusive):

      The Multiverse

      The Eternal Champion

      The Eternal City

      Reincarnation/ Immortality

      Transdimensional Existence / Alternate Realities


      Magic/ Elementals

      Good and Evil

      War and Peace

      Balance, Chaos, and Order

      Gods, Devils, Demons / Deals and pacts with demigods

      The Antihero

      The Doomed Prince / Kinslayer / Destroyer

      The Swordsman, the Archer

      The Possessed Sword, Eye, Hand, etc.

      The Journey

      The Companion

      The Lover

      The Villian / Betrayer / Evil Kinsman

      The Romance of the Rose

      The Grail / Grail Quest

      Influence of Medieval, Biblical, and Ancient Epic Literature in Moorcock

      Influence of Moorcock on modern fiction, music, film

      War and Peace

      Airships/ Steamboats

      Time Travel /End of Time / Timelessness

      Baroque Europe

      Nazi Germany

      Literary London

      Imaginary American South

      There is no deadline for submissions. Abstracts and full essays welcomed
      by interested scholars, writers, and critics in all areas.
      Work should be of serious depth yet relatively jargon free for all
      readers. Because of the immense amount of topics, essays should be 10
      pages or less due to space restrictions. Please include a cover letter
      explaining your proposed topic, with CV and bibliography included.
      Within a few months I will begin assigning topics, characters, and
      series, on a relatively first come, first serve basis. Be explicit if
      you are requesting a specific area for study.

      Note: Many thanks to the numerous professors and writers who have
      already contacted me. The diversity of work has been tremendous and I
      am very heartened by the great interest in this project. We have about
      ten contributors locked, publishers interested, and are searching for
      more contributors to round out the book. I am especially interested in
      having someone explore Medieval and ancient literary and mythic
      allusions, influences, adaptations, and touchstones in Moorcock's works.
      His writings are replete with them and this is a deep and rich mine.
      Also, for the diversity, I'd welcome authors' personal comments or
      studies of Moorcock's impact on other contemporary authors.

      Submissions should be .RTF attachments or snailmail documents.

      Fianlly, I apologize for the massive computer crash last winter.
      Nothing is as fun as vanishing into a void. All existing contributors
      and interested parties should contact me for updated information,
      timetable, and dialogue concerning this project.

      Thomas Fortenberry
      e: kurvanas@...

      Multiverse Project
      6011-F Delta Crossing Lane
      Charlotte, NC 28212 USA
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