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Re: [mythsoc] Peter Jackson lawsuit

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  • Stolzi
    ... source. ... And how boring that would be! Diamond Proudbrook
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 29, 2005
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      > I know we're all dying to hear more about this, so here's an article
      > claiming that the NY Times violated its own policies by quoting an
      > unidentified New Line lawyer claiming that Jackson was being piggish. The
      > policy says:
      > "If pejorative opinions are worth reporting and cannot be specifically
      > attributed, they may be paraphrased or described after thorough discussion
      > between writer and editor. The vivid language of direct quotation confers
      > an unfair advantage on a speaker or writer who hides behind the newspaper,
      > and turns of phrase are valueless to a reader who cannot assess the

      And how boring that would be!

      Diamond Proudbrook
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