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Re: [mythsoc] Re: Tolkien and Imperialism

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  • Sara Ciborski
    Most of my additional thoughts are in my reply to Janet s post. I m glad you note the very un-imperialistic quality of Aragorn s kingship, as I have omitted
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      Most of my additional thoughts are in my reply to Janet's post. I'm glad you note the very un-imperialistic quality of Aragorn's kingship, as I have omitted that aspect. But it provides another example of Smyth's distortion. Tolkien made it clear that Aragorn's rule was to be benevolent, enlightened, with neither the political domination nor economic exploitation usually associated with imperialism. The film, however, might readily appear (to someone looking for it) to promote a view of imperialism since it excludes these indications about the future and because of its protracted and relentless focus on military conquest.

      Yes, in this case I think the author was stretching quite far to make a point.

      Sara Ciborski
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      I certainly don't envision Aragorn setting sail for the West or
      marching into the South to conquer the Undying Lands or the Southrons.
      I think it's made pretty clear that his responsibility lies in Middle
      Earth and not expanding to take over all areas of the world.

      But of course, in their own quest to write something new and unheard
      of people are stretching to discover things in literature lke that, in
      the hopes of gaining some type of notoriety or literary credit...

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