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The rapacious mono-myth

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  • Jon Brisbin
    I ve been doing some heavy net research instead of working this afternoon :-) Sometimes you just need a break, you know?
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      I've been doing some heavy 'net research instead of working this
      afternoon :-) Sometimes you just need a break, you know?


      Ran across the above article arguing that Joseph Campbell is
      irrelevant. While I understand that the author is coming from a "this
      is an affront to faith in Christianity" perspective, and while I don't
      fully agree with Campbell's mish-mash approach to the Mythic Hero, I
      can't say I'm totally on the side of this essay either.

      It seems that any time someone puts Christianity on the same level as
      other religions or beliefs, either through ignorance or malice, some
      people get their hackles ruffled and storm out to pound the offensive
      author into the ground and make a greasy spot out of them. While I do
      not back down to defend the faith, I get my own britches in a bind when
      people start attributing conspiratorial natures to people that don't
      realize they're being used by the teachings and messages they've
      absorbed via their upbringing, environment, education, or life choices.

      I've also found some interesting websites that dig deep into the
      influences of George Lucas/Star Wars and discuss, at exceptional
      length, a chain of influence that has opened my eyes as a writer to a
      world of possible writer's-block-busters:


      From the Joseph Campbell page I followed the link to a copy of "The
      Golden Bough" on bartleby.com:


      Has anyone read "Golden Bough" and have thoughts on what a writer can
      learn about storytelling from it (if anything)?


      Jon Brisbin
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