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Why I joined the list and why I choose to stay

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  • Sharon Bolding
    Dear Mythies, All of this discussion about the list, the rules, the members, is just facinating to me. I feel like I m watching a social anthropology
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2005
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      Dear Mythies,

      All of this discussion about the list, the rules, the members, is
      just facinating to me. I feel like I'm watching a social
      anthropology experiment in motion.

      I joined this list and actually as a prior step (before joining)
      went to the annual meeting at Michigan. I was looking for a place
      that was somewhere between academia and fan-dome about myths,
      Inklings, and especially Williams. (I'm also on the co-inherence
      group list) I went to the conference and found a good number of both
      academics and fans. I thought "Ah, a decent group to land in at

      When all the posts that were controversial or "off" (off topic, off
      color, off-putting) started popping up I did think about leaving the
      list. But then I thought to myself, well you don't need to buy into
      that topic or those posts. Just don't read them, you do have a
      choice. So I just deleted or skipped over what I didn't particularly
      care for. What caused me personally to stay was the nuggets of
      information, the insights, and especially the diverse opinions--
      things that I wouldn't necessarily find somewhere else.

      I don't post very often, because I am way too busy. But I do enjoy
      reading those posts that address the literature, its authors, and
      the background behind the writings. I also enjoy hearing about other
      authors or works I might not have read or been familiar with.

      For example, I had never heard of Neil Gaiman before, but picked up
      a collection of short stories to check out before last summer's
      conference. (Shocking, I'm sure, to some in the group, but my heart
      and mind are in the middle ages...) Lo and behold, one of my best
      friends was a Gaiman fan and she and I started off on another
      delightful foray into common ground, this time with her in lead and
      me following. And I was able to get some things signed for her while
      at the conference.

      So for me, even though I'm new to the group, and don't post much,
      I've decided to stay in the group, because the value I get far out
      ways the bother of having to hit the delete key a few times.

      Sharon B
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