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Re: Tolkien and Lewis

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  • billie_knght
    ... CSL s SURPRISED BY JOY, which gives his account of that evening and what it meant to him, and JRRT s poem Mythopoeia , which recasts what Tolkien said to
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 24, 2005
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      > Sounds like for your purposes all you really need is a copy of
      CSL's SURPRISED BY JOY, which gives his account of that evening and
      what it meant to him, and JRRT's poem "Mythopoeia", which recasts
      what Tolkien said to him in verse form. If you have time, it'd also
      be worthwhile to read some of Lewis's letters describing the event (I
      think the crucial one is in THEY STAND TOGETHER, his collected
      correspondence with Arthur Greeves) and to see how the three main
      biographers (Green & Hooper, Wilson, Sayer) treat the event.
      > Sorry for the information overload in the previous message: the
      word "thesis" made me think you were embarking on a year-long
      research project (like a dissertation). For a class paper two or
      three primary sources and a few secondary ones should be plenty. If
      you can't find "Mythopoeia" let me know and I'll send you a copy; the
      most relevant section appears in all editions of JRRT's essay "On

      > I have managed to overload myself on information on both men now to
      the point I can't remember the original idea for the thesis! I've got
      so many interesting facts written down about them both,that to narrow
      my choice to one clear statement is a real trial at this point and
      its due on the 31st. I had no idea the scope of the information there
      is out there. I feel like I'm out of my depth here, I chose the
      topic, my professor believes I'm capable of it but now I'm not so
      sure. I've steered away from the influence theme because of their
      individuality as well as their friendship is much more fascinating
      but now I haven't got a clue what my argument is.
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      > > The thesis is a assignment for my children's literature course. I
      > > no way pretend to be an expert in this field or any other. That
      > > said on watching the biography of C.S. Lewis produced by the BBC,
      > > Walter Hooper (Literary Adviser to the Lewis estate)was quoted as
      > > saying that Tolkien, Lewis and Dysan were up till 4 in the
      > > discussing the true myth and the concept of christianity, and
      > > according to him that late October evening back in 1931 was the
      > > that Lewis came away a believer. The most significant event in
      > > Lewis's life yes? You got to give some credit to Tolkien for that
      > > surely!
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