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    From: Freddie Baer [mailto:fbaer@WESTED.ORG] Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:14 PM To: FEMINISTSF-LIT@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU Subject: [*FSF-L*] Le Guin s Lathe
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      From: Freddie Baer [mailto:fbaer@...]
      Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 4:14 PM
      To: FEMINISTSF-LIT@...
      Subject: [*FSF-L*] Le Guin's Lathe Returns To TV

      >From SF Wire:

      3:00pm ET, 5-Apr-00

      Le Guin's Lathe Returns To TV

      The Lathe of Heaven, the 1980 television movie based on Ursula K. Le
      Guin's SF novel of the same name, will return to the airwaves in June
      in a digitally remastered version. The film, about a man whose dreams
      have the power to reshape reality, will be offered to public
      television stations as a 20th anniversary special by WNET in New York
      City in association with American Public Television, starting June 1.

      The rebroadcast will be accompanied by a new, exclusive interview of
      Le Guin by Bill Moyers.

      It's the first time the movie--originally produced as part of WNET's
      Television Laboratory--has been seen on public television in 20 years,
      WNET spokesman Marc Fenton told SCI FI Wire. The movie version of
      Lathe is based on Le Guin's best-selling 1971 novel and was called one
      of the top 100 greatest works of science fiction by Entertainment

      The Lathe of Heaven, which stars Bruce Davison, Kevin Conway and
      Margaret Avery, will be made available on home video and DVD in the
      fall, Fenton told SCI FI Wire.
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