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Re: [mythsoc] H.R. Millar & Pauline Baynes

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  • Paul Labaki
    ... I always felt ... I m not familiar with Eager, Berni, but you ve intrigued me. I m going to have to read some. It has always seemed to me that magic is so
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 15, 2005
      --- Berni Phillips <bernip@...> wrote:

      I always felt
      > like Eager cheated his characters -- it was only
      > half-magic or something
      > like that. His characters always had to make
      > allowances for what they
      > couldn't do. Nesbit's magic was more real to me.

      I'm not familiar with Eager, Berni, but you've
      intrigued me. I'm going to have to read some.

      It has always seemed to me that magic is so ethereal
      that it should be very difficult to work and a bit
      prone to go off by a bit, as so many human efforts do.
      Magic has to be tougher than hitting a major league
      curveball, so shouldn't a .300 average be pretty darn
      good for even an above average wizard? Yet most
      storybook magic seems to be completed successfully,
      very very often the first time it is attempted. In
      many stories its every time it is attempted. I think
      I would like a world where magic is possible, but
      somewhat unpredictable.

      Any suggestions on what Eager to begin with?

      Peace, Paul

      My rule of thumb for life has 3 prongs: 1. almost
      everything is harder to do than one might expect; 2.
      almost everything takes longer than one might hope;
      and 3) a corollary to Murphy's Law, something will go
      wrong, even when it looks like it can't

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