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  • Rateliff, John
    ... . . . the parts _you_ find to be ... Very nicely put, Carl. It s always a good reading group exercise for everyone to reveal what s his or her favorite
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2005
      > From: Carl F. Hostetter
      . . . the parts _you_ find to be
      > defects aren't necessarily the ones the _author_ would count as a
      > defect, and are likely parts that other readers consider marvelous or
      > even essential . . . (. . . my favorite parts of Tolkien's works are definitely not the
      > action-packed sequences). It doesn't necessarily mean, in and of
      > itself, that the book is defective. It is a subjective statement of
      > personal preference and of criticism of an author's work and style
      > based on personal expectations not met.
      Very nicely put, Carl.
      It's always a good reading group exercise for everyone to reveal what's his or her favorite part of LotR; we all like the same book, but we like it for very different reasons. For me, the trees; for Taum, the languages; for Darrell Martin, the horns of Rohan; &c. As Tolkien himself observed, "passages or chapters that are to some a blemish are all by others specially approved" (Foreword to the Second Edition). Personally I enjoy the change of pace between the early, middle, and late chapters. I remember reading Stephen R. Donaldson's remark that if he were writing the book he'd drop all the Hobbiton/Shire material, all the "walking bits", and concentrate entirely on Sam and Frodo's grueling journey near and through Mordor (to which I thought: you would). I agree with greenman re. the excellence of The Hobbit, though.

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