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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Good morning, Bonnie and all; ... Tolkien-- ... cover I ... genius ... to all ... Well, yes, I will agree with that. Tolkien and the Inklings were a
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 5, 2005
      Good morning, Bonnie and all;

      > Hi Lizzie & the corps:
      > We need to make clear the utter uniqueness of the phenomena that was
      > and the Inklings. I tried to convey T's specialness in the 1997 program
      cover I
      > did for the Pepperdine Mythcon. Would that we could see that kind of
      > and group synergy again in our lifetimes. This is what I want to convey
      to all
      > newcomers. We've been very privileged to experience these authors.
      > Bonnie

      Well, yes, I will agree with that. Tolkien and the Inklings were a
      phenomenon not likely to be repeated in our time, however, because our time
      is different from their time. The more I read of and about Tolkien, the
      more I am drawn in and amazed. Charles Williams' Arthuriad had a huge
      impact on my life and thought for about a decade (and is probably just
      latent now).

      I guess I almost thought it was something as a given, and so I felt more
      compelled to defend ongoing myth-watching. I don't read as much as I'd
      like, so I haven't been exposed to as many Tolkien-wannabes (plus, even
      when I do have time, I avoid them -- if a back cover talks about orcs,
      elves, halflings and kings, I don't read it, usually).

      I suspect that only the future will be able to look back and see what the
      corresponding gestalts of our time will have been, and I suspect they will
      not be things that this list would prefer, because they will likely include
      a large electronic-media-visual-interactive aspect. (Can you say,

      A few folks have pointed out that there is mythic fantasy, and non-mythic
      fantasy, and I'll agree with that as well. I still wonder about the mythic
      aspect of space life -- my favorite examples are Norton's Free Traders and
      Janet Morris' Dream Dancer books, but others will have their preferences.
      Our inner lives are not bounded by our cultures being only of this earth.
      Is life in space the spiritual realm of modern times? That which we have
      not truly tasted but "know" must be out there, and can imagine in such

      I guess I am a poet type... generally agnostic in the sense of not feeling
      that one can be certain of God or no God and so on, but cannot imagine life
      or thought without the layers that are myth both personal and cultural.
      Apparently there are people out there who eschew the value of myth entirely
      or feel that it can be put in a box. I push people's buttons with
      flippancy, and others push mine with arguments that I feel are patronizing
      and subjective. I stand on the bridge with Dante and experience flashes of
      Great Creation through true contact with treasured other individuals, and
      have some issues with reality I suspect, but that is not everyone's MO.

      and I haven't even been drinking,


      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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