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  • Bonnie Callahan
    Good points, David! This Lit Vs. Flick debate has sorta taken over. I think I hit a nerve with my Mythprint review and the followup. I ve been reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2005
      Good points, David! This Lit Vs. Flick debate has sorta taken over. I
      think I hit a
      nerve with my Mythprint review and the followup.

      I've been reading Pratchett. Even met him at Worldcon, which happened to
      be in
      Arwen's "Beantown" last September. Delightful satirical takes on theology,

      Santa Claus as Hogfather, etc. Delightful fellow as well. Neil gaiman was
      approachable at Mythcon. I hear he loved our venue (small, made him
      to numbers of fen he cd. handle) whereas at Worldcon he had autograph
      that looked as if they'd provide him with major carpal tunnel syndrome.

      Hip Hip Hooray for the Mythsoc & its economies of scale!

      Of course the Narnia flix will monopolize our airwaves (electron streams?)
      in the
      coming years. Ugh, Disney. Their overexposure of Pooh via "branding" is an


      David Lenander wrote:

      > Jim:
      > As much as I like the people on this list, including David B, Carl,
      > John R, Mike Foster, Janet and the many others whom I've never met,
      > sometimes I'm a little annoyed by the omnipresent topic of Tolkien. So
      > I'd be delighted to see posts on any subject besides Tolkien, as much
      > as I love Tolkien. Incidentally, the people who've recently come to
      > Myth Soc Rivendell Discussion Group meetings from TheOneRing.net
      > fandom have actually read and liked the book, as well as the movie, and
      > I've been thrilled to have them reinvigorate some of our discussions.
      > I don't know, yet, if they'll all stick with us to discuss Charles
      > Williams and Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, but some read Beowulf,
      > and we're planning another sort of Tolkien: "The Monsters & the
      > Critics," for a future discussion.
      > I don't know that I would describe Donaldson's work in quite the way
      > you do, but I did read his original four books or so, and I think there
      > are many interesting things to discuss about them. He had some great
      > ideas, and we could even discuss or perhaps argue about artistic
      > decisions he made. He also was a guest of honor at an earlier Mythcon,
      > and while I missed that one, many have since talked about what a nice
      > guy he was, and several authors (I think Patricia McKillip, for one)
      > have mentioned a debt to him in their own development. I think there
      > must be many in the Society who liked and admired his work. Actually, I
      > admire some aspects of it, myself.
      > And just because Carl doesn't want to hear discussions about the
      > artistic achievement or failure of a major fantasy motion picture
      > (apart from its relationship to Tolkien's original novel) doesn't mean
      > that you can't discuss them here. You could also discuss major fantasy
      > motion pictures like _Spirited Away_ here, regardless of how far they
      > might be from any direct Inklings component. Try to label your comments
      > in the subject line and Carl can skip them. (As I might, to be
      > honest--so don't do what I do so often, lump together comments on
      > Jackson, Tolkien and Donaldson. I might be sick of the former for now,
      > but I wouldn't want to miss the latter).
      > Incidentally, I have recently finished _A Hat Full of Sky_, getting
      > ready for Terry Pratchet's guest of honor gig at Minicon, later this
      > month, and I think it's a truly outstanding work. Much better than
      > _The Wee Free Men_, and more accessible and immediate than _The Amazing
      > Maurice . . .._. Discussion of the book would be entirely appropriate
      > here.
      > On Mar 3, 2005, at 9:20 AM, mythsoc@yahoogroups.com wrote:
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      > > [ . . . .]
      > > In fact, this reminds me of one of the authors I do feel produced
      > > quality work, and that is Stephen R. Donaldson.
      > >
      > > How far off the topic of Tolkien are we allowed to stray?
      > >
      > > Jim
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