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Who am I?

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  • Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
    Besides the instigator of waking up this list? Well, I m a long time Mything Person and Tolkien Fan. I got the original Ballantines, battered beyond being
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24 2:07 PM
      Besides the instigator of waking up this list? Well, I'm a long time Mything
      Person and Tolkien Fan. I got the original Ballantines, battered beyond
      being worth anything, tucked away in my book boxes. They were hot off the
      presses when I bought them. Who are C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams? <vbg> I
      joined the Mythopoeic Society when it consisted of just a few branches. I
      have Mythprints that Glen edited <g>. It's Glen's fault that I've read any
      Lewis & Williams at all and then only their fantasy.

      I read mostly SF and F when I have time to read fiction, which isn't much
      these days. I cut my adult reading teeth on Asimov, Bradbury, and Agatha
      Christie. In my adult life, at SF cons, I've become friends with many
      fantasy writers. I know the Greyhaven crowd real well. One of Paul Edwin
      Zimmer's books is dedicated to me. I currently watch a lot of Babylon 5 and
      hang out at rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated where I use the sig Auntie M <*>.

      I was the managing editor of Mythprint for many years, and the chairman of
      Mythcon X. I was also the chairman of Westercon 40, the West Coast Regional
      Science Fiction Convention.

      I now am the Treasurer of the Mythopoeic Society. I also do the books for a
      local costuming club. Costuming being another one of my hobbies.

      I am also proud mom of Jenevieve (age 24) and Harold III(age 9) and grandma
      to Christopher (age 4) and Matthew (age 4 months). I've been married to
      Harold Harrigan (don't call him Jr.) for 21 years this Thanksgiving weekend.
      When I hold down a paying job, I am a bookkeeper. But mostly I do volunteer
      work these days.

      I live in a house that is crammed with books, magazines, and computers. It
      is threatening to implode. We are currently in the middle of a major house
      cleaning. We doubt it will help much. We are all confirmed pack rats.

      I'm looking forward to finding out about the fantasy books that just have to
      be read, since I just don't have time or space for the junk these days. Or
      tell me all about it, and then may be I won't have to read it. Hey, that
      works too. Too little time, too many books.

      Thanks for interesting conversations I hope we have.

      Mythically yours,


      Lisa Deutsch Harrigan * Treasurer, The Mythopoeic Society
      lisa@... * Treasurer, South Bay Costumers Guild
      * Treasurer to Fandom
      The Mythopoeic Society is a literary society that studies J.R,R, Tolkien,
      C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and other Fantasy writers.
      If you are interested in learning more about it, visit our website at:
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