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Re: [mythsoc]Paradise Lost'n'Found

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  • Bonnie Callahan
    ... Hi, David: Let s just do the best we can. I understand what you re saying about the media images predominating in the collective imagination. I have no
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 24, 2005
      David Bratman wrote:
      > Bonnie -
      > You wrote,
      > >I hope that there are hidden gems in the crowd that has
      > >come to know JRRT only through the movies, and I would tell them, "The
      > >movies may/may not have merit but Tolkien didn't write them, much of the
      > >richness
      > >of the whole world was by necessity edited out, (or worse), BUT-- they
      > >should be
      > >seen as a pathway, not a destination. Now, come hither! Find out what this
      > >literature is truly all about!"
      > That's good. I like it, because it makes clear what we're doing and on
      > what basis we're inviting them.
      > Whenever I join an existing group, I expect to play by their rules. If I
      > can't accept their rules, I'll leave. But if I can, I may learn something.
      > In the MythSoc, for instance, I learned about Lewis and Williams about
      > whom I'd previously known virtually nothing.
      > Not all people are like that, though, and what makes me nervous are the
      > people who attribute Jacksonian characteristics to Tolkien's plot and
      > characters, apparently because they read the movie and the book on a single
      > template. They're apt to become stroppy if told that no, Tolkien's Aragorn
      > does not fear Isildur's tainted blood, and I fear having too many folks
      > like that around.
      > And many of us like Jackson too, and he's apt to become a permanent part of
      > the local mental landscape. This is apt to make Jackson-prone newcomers
      > think that he's on a level with Tolkien in our minds. This, above all, is
      > what makes my teeth ache. I can only hope Jackson fades away after a
      > while, as Bakshi did (lot of fuss over that for a couple years, though few
      > liked it much), or as the Society's pretty intense Star Wars fandom did
      > (another movie trilogy that was fun to watch but had little intellectual heft).
      > - David Bratman
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      Hi, David:

      Let's just do the best we can. I understand what you're saying about the media
      images predominating in the collective imagination. I have no desire to
      create my Tolkien art using those characters. I still prefer my inner view
      by far.

      Here's to the future of sharing the special stuff we Mythopoeics do!

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