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RE: [mythsoc] chagrinned and grateful

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  • Rateliff, John
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    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2005
      > David:
      > Not to worry; all better now.
      > I wasn't counting the Bad Boyfriend she broke up with in the opening scene, who I'd forgotten about, so I can see now how the confusion arose. Hence in my reference First Boyfriend = elf musician prettyboy, Second Boyfriend = pooka.
      > --JDR
      > P.S.: One series I'd add to your list of great children's fantasy are the Doctor Doolittle books by Hugh Lofting. Not only exceptionally good (esp. the first two and the later one with his account of Noah's flood) but also v. Tolkienesque, the people of Puddleby-on-the-Marsh being v. hobbitlike (naturally, since Lofting and Tolkien were using the same models). Grahame's The Golden Age too is superlative, possibly even better than Wind in the Willows. And then of course there's always Lewis Carroll . . .
      > P.P.S.: sorry to clog the list, but sent this to you three times at d-lena@... and it bounced each time.
      > Oh, I am sorry. I was the one mixing up characters. I am certainly
      > chagrinned, and I suppose grateful to have a mistaken memory corrected.
      > I suppose that I should reread _War for the Oaks_ after 20+ years. I
      > could promise to always check these facts in the future, instead of
      > trusting memory, but then I 'd never post again--but I will try not to
      > ascribe errors to other people.
      > I will note that I was thinking of Eddi's first love interest as Mr.
      > Kline, the rock musician she breaks up with in the early part of the
      > book. Then the second would be pretty boy Elf-guitarist/fiddler/
      > bodyguard. But she was kind of flirting with Phouka all along, who
      > becomes, I guess third love interest. Or did I miss a few? But,
      > looking at that tree, I missed the Oak grove.

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