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Re: Tolkien 2005/Mythcom Paper Call

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  • herenistarion
    Hey there Edith and Ellie: Jessica and I submitted our paper and panel topics for Tolkien 2005 to Andrew McMurray and Bob Davis, and have been added to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2005
      Hey there Edith and Ellie:
      Jessica and I submitted our paper and panel topics for Tolkien 2005
      to Andrew McMurray and Bob Davis, and have been added to the list of
      participating societies--would you like me to send you the abstracts
      as well?
      In Fellowship,

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, Edith.Crowe@s... wrote:
      > Since we have only gotten two responses to this so far, Ellie & I
      > a repeat post might be in order. Those of you who belong to groups
      > mailing lists that would be interested, please feel free to post.
      When you
      > do (or if you already have) posted this elsewhere, please let us
      > where. If you plan to submit an abstract but just haven't gotten
      around to
      > it, that would be nice to know also.
      > Mythcon XXXVI at Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On
      > Mythcon XXXVI will take place at Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever
      > (www.tolkiensociety.org/2005/about.html), a worldwide gathering of
      > readers and enthusiasts, students of Tolkien's writings and
      > responding to those writings, performers, actors and adapters;
      > and curators; bibliographers and philologists; established
      academics, new
      > researchers and creative writers; journalists, publishers,
      > commentators and film-makers. Tolkien 2005/Mythcon XXXVI will be
      at Aston
      > University in Birmingham, England, from August 11-15, 2005.
      > The Mythopoeic Society, as a participating organization in the
      > 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On conference, encourages submissions
      > for a variety of audiences: academic and literary critical
      > are welcome, as are responses aimed more broadly at the wide
      diversity of
      > Tolkien readers and filmgoers. Contributions should combine sound
      > scholarship with accessibility.
      > The Mythopoeic Society invites paper and panel proposals for our
      > program tracks during the conference, especially papers on Tolkien
      and the
      > other Inklings, authors responding to Tolkien, and Tolkien and
      > fantasy literature. More general Tolkien topics will also be
      > Individual papers should be suitable for oral presentation within
      > minutes. Panels should include three/four presenters in a time
      limit of
      > 75-90 minutes. Papers chosen for presentation at the conference
      may be
      > submitted to Mythlore (www.mythsoc.org/mythlore.html), the
      > journal of the Mythopoeic Society, for consideration for
      publication. All
      > submissions to Mythlore must conform to the MLA Style Manual (2nd
      > Paper abstracts (250 word maximum), along with contact
      information, should
      > be sent to the Papers Coordinators (e-mail is preferred) by 31
      > 2005. Please include your AV requests and the projected time
      needed for
      > your presentation.
      > Edith Crowe and Eleanor Farrell, Mythcon 36 Papers Coordinators
      > The Mythopoeic Society
      > P.O. Box 320486
      > San Francisco, CA 94132-0486
      > E-mail: Edith.Crowe@s...
      > Edith L. Crowe
      > Art & Humanities Librarian & Coordinator of Graduate Instruction
      > San Jose State University Library
      > http://www.sjlibrary.org
      > (408) 808-2037 | edith.crowe@s...
      > Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society
      > http://www.mythsoc.org
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