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Triangle MythSoc?

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  • Hugh Davis
    I am a recent subscriber to this list. Is there a MythSoc or similar group which meets in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill) of North Carolina?
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 15, 2005
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      I am a recent subscriber to this list. Is there a MythSoc or similar group
      which meets in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill) of North


      Hugh Davis
    • herenistarion
      Sorry folks-- Event URL is: http://herenistarion.org/ringbearersday/ ... Beowulf ... in ... as ... near ... and ... taught ... and ... listed ... staff ...
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 15, 2005
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        Sorry folks--
        Event URL is:


        --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "herenistarion" <herenistarion@y...>
        > The New York Tolkien Society and Marymount Manhattan College is
        > happy
        > announce New Yorks 50th Anniversary Celebration of The Lord of the
        > Rings.
        > Saturday, March 19th 2005
        > 10 am-5pm
        > Marymount Manhattan College
        > http://www.mmm.edu
        > East 71st Street, between 2nd & 3rd Aves.
        > New York City
        > Proudly Presenting a New York City Tradition --- Ringbearer's Day
        > 2005
        > Last year was truly memorable and many thanks to all who helped
        > organize our
        > 2004 event. This year to mark the occasion of 50 years of Lord of
        > the Rings
        > we wished to make this event even more to remember.
        > To help us celebrate, the renowned Tolkien-inspired Italian band
        > Giuseppe
        > Festa and Lingalad will be making their first New York appearance
        > exclusively at Ringbearers Day 2005. Lingalad performed for
        > audiences at the
        > Gathering of the Fellowship December 2003, which took us all on a
        > journey
        > of magic, beauty and enchantment through their music.
        > Tolkien Scholar Michael Drout, (editor of Tolkien Studies,
        > and the
        > Critics, and recipient of the Mythopoeic Scholarship Award for
        > Inklings
        > Studies for 2003) will be speaking about Tolkien and taking part
        > our
        > Panel Discussion: "Honoring Tolkien: 50 Years of The Lord of the
        > Rings"
        > Ancanar Presentation
        > A special presentation will be screened of never-before-seen
        > footage,
        > interviews, and an update on the film's progress. Commentary and
        > discussion
        > will follow by weaponsmiths Joe Piela and Jenna Brocious, as well
        > Heren
        > Istarion chairs Anthony S Burdge and Jessica Burke. Free postcards
        > will be
        > given away, autographed by the cast and crew.
        > More details of the presentation will be updated on this in the
        > future
        > Visit the official Site:
        > http://www.ancanar.com
        > The Lonely Mountain Forge
        > The Arms and Armour of Middle-earth and Ancanar
        > It is our pleasure to welcome back Master Metal Smiths Joe Piela
        > Jenna
        > Brocious. At last year's Ringbearer's Day, Piela and Brocious
        > a
        > standing room only arms and armour session, which has inspired
        > aspiring
        > metalsmiths and craftsmen worldwide. Their work on the forthcoming
        > film
        > Ancanar is not only breathtaking but an enlightening achievement
        > contribution to myth and legend.
        > In addition to the appearance and participation of the guests
        > thus
        > far we will have:
        > • Panel Discussion: "Honoring Tolkien: 50 Years of The Lord of the
        > Rings"
        > • Favorite readings from Tolkien's works by the Heren Istarion
        > and
        > honored guests
        > • Ringbearers Day Young Adult bards and minstrels Sing Along
        > This group of talented young adults will be covering those rousing
        > Glass
        > Hammer songs "Dorf and Orc", and "The Old Troll" plus more!!!
        > • Middle-Earth costume and trivia contests
        > We will be adding further programming and guests in coming
        > Ticket information
        > Limited Seating ~ First Come, First Serve
        > Tickets can purchased in advance, but will not be shipped. All
        > Tickets will
        > be picked up at the door.
        > All Tickets are non-refundable.
        > All tickets sold below are via PayPal, if you wish to send check
        > money
        > order, please specify the number of tickets you are purchasing and
        > for whom.
        > All check or money order payments are to be made payable to:
        > Burke
        > and mailed to: 106 Patten St. Staten Island, NY 10307
        > • The first 75 people who purchase tickets will receive a LOTR
        > goodies and
        > a FREE Return of the King movie poster, courtesy of New Line
        > plus a
        > limited NY Tolkien Society T-shirt while t-shirt supplies last.
        > • Those who purchase tickets in advance will have their poster and
        > shirt
        > available with their ticket package at the door. But please be
        > prompt and
        > arrive at 10 a.m.
        > • A portion of the proceeds will be going to Tsunami Relief
        > via
        > The White Tree Fund. See Below for details on the White Tree
        > New York Tolkien Society Member Ticket Rate
        > Adults: $31.00 USD
        > Child: (under 10 years of age) $13.00
        > NON-New York Tolkien Society Member Ticket Rate
        > Adults: $41.00 USD
        > Child (under 10 years of age) $16.00
        > • Beginning March 1st Ticket prices will be raised to $50 USD per
        > adult,
        > $30 USD per child
        > Ringbearers Day to help benefit Tsunami relief efforts via The
        > Tree
        > Fund:
        > On December 26th, 2004, the countries on the rim of the Indian
        > experienced a natural disaster unlike any in our time. Over
        > people
        > were killed and over one million lives have been left in chaos and
        > destruction. The White Tree Fund has been organized as a response
        > the
        > tsunami disaster, and resulting overwhelming needs of survivors by
        > Lord of
        > the Rings/Tolkien communities around the globe.
        > We have taken as our symbol, the White Tree of the Kings which
        > in
        > Gondor. The Tree is a symbol of renewal, healing and enduring
        > and
        > inspires us to work for that now.
        > The Fund works with three relief agencies doing work in the
        > areas,
        > Direct Relief International, Save the Children and Habitat for
        > Humanity.
        > Each of these agencies is doing excellent work in a responsible,
        > ethical and
        > accountable manner. 100% of all funds donated will go to the
        > agencies. For more information on these agencies or to make a
        > donation,
        > please see The White Tree Fund website.
        > We are proud to launch The White Tree Fund with our foremost
        > partners, War
        > of the Ring.net, Monsters & Critics, Middle-earth Reunion, Heren
        > Istarion
        > (the New York Tolkien Society), The Gathering of the Fellowship
        > 2006, and
        > Tolkien Forever. And our list of partners continues to grow. This
        > a
        > testament to the strength of our common fellowship and
        > understanding.
        > Wherever you are, we urge you to join us and help if you can. For
        > information, news and donations, please go to
        > www.whitetreefund.org.
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