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Re: New Tolkien Set Reply

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      > Thanks, I have Roverandom and Artist & Illustrator. Looks like I'll
      > have to get both the Set and the 50th anniversary Farmer Giles of
      > Ham now.
      > And I was doing so well not spending money...
      > Blake Adams

      I was recently looking for a source to point people to for Smith of Wootton
      Major, and it doesn't seem to be in anything that's currently being
      published; does anyone know if it's available in something I've missed?
      Lots of used copies available, though, of the paperback with Farmer Giles.
      I recently bought a used copy of Mr. Bliss. I hadn't read it for 20 years
      or so and had forgotten how hysterically funny it is (or maybe I just picked
      up more of the humor this time around; definitely one of those books for
      children that has plenty in it for grown-ups, too).


      I figured this was the best place to ask a question about the upcoming
      Reader's Guide/Chronology. The write-up on the Houghton Mifflin website
      reads as if each volume is 800 pages, for a total of 1600. Is that right,
      or is 800 pages the total for the two volumes together? Not that it would
      make any difference to whether I buy it or not--just wondering how big of a
      package to expect. 8-)

      (I just realized that I've missed reading several of the latest digests. If
      that question's been asked already, I apologize for my lack of attention.)

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