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  • Nagy Gergely
    (Especially for LeslieJ55) Ever occurred to you that what you say about humanity and human essence is theoretically (as far as current literarry theory is
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 1999
      (Especially for LeslieJ55)
      Ever occurred to you that what you say about 'humanity' and 'human
      essence' is theoretically (as far as current literarry theory is
      concerned) idiculous? I don't intend to 'flame' since I basically agree
      with you that there *are* such things, but still, we should turn ourselves
      and our field into an 'esoteric whatever', inside whichwe can safely
      ignore crucial theretical problems. That would only mean we'rre not
      aspiring to be taken seriously in scholarship intertwined with those very
      theoretical questions. Your views are wonderful and deep, but Tolkien
      scholarship should have a theoretically legitim terminology for that,
      because anybody could dismiss your views with an 'oh another essentialist,
      I thought they stopped making them'. Also there is some problems with
      Classics, although it would be worth discussing, in the knowledge of the
      recieved Classic-definition of Barthes, or even opposed to that, since I
      myself would very much like to subvert that definition. Any reactions to
      all this? I know I'm quite very new here and that I should pobably keep my
      mouth shut until I get into it, but this is my own field, for some extent,
      and we seem to have problems; problems I have been trying to work on for
      years but have only got some kind of 'institiutional support' now. I say
      again, no 'flame' is meant and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings,
      especially not Leslie's but I think these are real problems we have to
      deal with. Leslie, do you happen to have an affinity towards Greek (or
      simply Classical) myhtology and literature? Some quite interesting
      parallels, worthy to be noted, I think.
      a/k/a Sir Lamorak de Galis Szeged, Hungary
      Attila Jozsef University, Institute of English and American Studies
      and Department of Classical Philology
      lamorak@....u-szeged.hu or h534394@....u-szeged.hu
      'Pantes anthropoi tou edenai oregontai physei.'
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