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RE: [mythsoc] Maps by Pauline Baynes

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  • Beth Russell
    She also did the Narnia books. But the one I like best is Bibo s Last Song . She placed a series of drawings under the main illustration, like the Bayeux
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 16, 2004
      She also did the Narnia books. But the one I like best is "Bibo's Last
      Song". She placed a series of drawings under the main illustration,
      like the Bayeux Tapestry. Below each scene in "Last Song" she put
      little scenes from "The Hobbit" that were related to it. She 'says' as
      much in those drawings as could be said in a long literary essay.


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      Now, I think we had the map poster on the wall (with Riders and Walkers)
      when I was growing up (and I had the big ugly Silmarillion one over my
      bedroom stairs) but the TEA TOWEL .. that would be a real prize !!

      I like Pauline Baynes' work too. Didn't she illustrate the Tolkien
      Farmer Giles of Ham and all that?


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      > David Lenander wrote:
      > >Actually, Baynes did 2 maps of Middle-earth. One was tied into the
      > >release of the "Deluxe Paperback" edition of "LotR", and must have
      > >out in the early 70s. This is the map that Margaret has (I have a
      > >copy, too). It's quite nice, in my opinion. There were little inset
      > >scenes of various places in Middle-earth, three of which provided the
      > >cover illustrations for the deluxe paperback edition: Hobbiton for
      > >first volume, Minas Tirith for the second (or was it the third?).
      > Pauline's Map of Middle-earth was first issued in 1970, by George
      Allen &
      > Unwin, an entirely separate project from the Ballantine trade
      > The latter, however, which was published in September of the same
      > used the map on the slipcase, and the roundels of Hobbiton, Minas
      > and the Towers of the Teeth from the map on the covers of vols. 1, 2,
      > respectively.
      > >This
      > >map was available for a while, I think, displacing the earlier map
      > >which had decorations around the edges that appeared to be from the
      > >same illustrator who'd done the giant mural that was cut up for the
      > >original Ballantine paperback covers in the mid-60s.
      > Barbara Remington.
      > >The Baynes map
      > >was better in every respect I think, except that the original map was
      > >kind of plasticized or at least had a coating on the upper surface
      > >was slick and more easily cleaned.
      > An Allen & Unwin memo I read called for 7,550 copies on Cartridge
      > be followed by an unspecified quantity on glossy stock. But the copy
      > first printing that hangs on the wall behind me isn't glossy, nor is
      > copy of a later printing (with somewhat different qualities of green)
      > downstairs in one of our Baynes collection large print boxes, and I've

      > never seen one that didn't have what I would call a matte or dull
      > >Baynes also did a later map for _The Hobbit_, which also had inset
      > >scenes. It was smaller than the original Middle-earth map, and I'm
      > >sure if it tied into a book publication, but it was essentially the
      > >same map that Tolkien had drawn for _The Hobbit_, I think, with the
      > >"Edge of the Wild" line, etc.
      > This was There and Back Again: A Map of Bilbo's Journey through
      > Rhovanion, issued in 1971, not tied into any book production. Pauline
      > done the first map, and kept the momentum going. Christina and I have
      > the poster and the tea towel (yes, tea towel) issues.
      > >I think that the former of her maps appeared in the middle of one or
      > >more of the '70s era Ballantine Tolkien Calendars.
      > Yes, for both Ballantine and Allen & Unwin. Both also were issued as
      > puzzles.
      > A copy of the Middle-earth map is currently offered by a British
      > eBay, in an auction to end tomorrow (12 October). The bidding is low
      > moment.
      > Wayne Hammond
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