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[mythsoc] Food Sculptures (was MythCon in Gaiman's blog)

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    I saw Never There (a blank plate), a Never Hair (a roll decorated with small bits of veggies with a face---yet another disembodied head; wondered if it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
      I saw "Never There" (a blank plate), a "Never Hair" (a roll decorated with
      small bits of veggies with a face---yet another disembodied head; wondered
      if it was Orpheus, but NG does lots of disembodied heads), and two
      "SANDwich MAN" sculptures, which were food sculpture versions of Dream.
      All were brilliant; I wondered how the American flag had been done.
      Clever! Looked like about seven sculptures. A lot. ---djb

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      > From the blog of Neil Gaiman, GoH of the recently ended MythCon:
      > I read some excellent papers (my favourite was David Bratman's essay on
      > Sandman story "A Game of You", mostly because he said a number of things I
      > thought about that problematic story), met some lovely people, and was, at
      > banquet, confronted by Food Sculptures: a Mythcon tradition which will
      > me till I die, or possibly beyond...

      Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee. See what you missed? The committee did forget to
      allow time at the banquet for the procession of the food sculptures, the
      number of which grows every year. As a result, I doubt that anyone but
      Gaiman saw them all.

      Our table produced "American Globs" (two round fancy pats of butter with a
      little American flag that Bernadette Bosky created out of the inside of a
      sugar packet, using lipstick for the red stripes and blue ink for the star
      part -- this one got a big groan from Gaiman) and "Fiddler's Green in the
      Creaming" (many pieces of the rosemary garnish stuck in a slab of
      eggplant -- almost every year, they feed the vegetarians eggplant and I
      don't like eggplant -- with some mushroom and then cream poured around it)
      for Neil Gaiman. Bernadette Bosky produced a similar creation for the
      scholar guest of honor, Chuck Huttar (there were two pieces of eggplant),
      only hers was an island on Perelandra and she included a little figure of
      Ransom made of cauliflower and instead of cream, she used water to make it
      an island.


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