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[mythsoc]publishers and sex was Re: Daniel Keys Moran (WAS: Re: Laurel K. Hamilton)

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    In a message dated 7/17/4 10:42:51 PM, JTHeyman wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2004
      In a message dated 7/17/4 10:42:51 PM, JTHeyman wrote:

      <<Which raises an interesting question to which I don't have an
      answer: how much influence do the corporate publishers have over the
      content of various authors' books? Can they go to a mid-list (or even an
      A-list) author and say, "It's good, but it needs more sex"? And, if so,
      what does that mean for the mythopoeia of the author's world? Can the
      publisher alter it to be more in line with whatever ideas they have about
      what the readers want? I don't know, but I do wonder sometimes.>>

      Well, I can recall any number of writer panels at past Worldcons where the
      participants told horror stories of just that type -- editors who demanded that
      sex be either put it or taken out, that characters have their genders or races
      or other identity characteristics switched, etc., all without the slightest
      regard for the "truth" of the story in any literary sense. With industrial
      conglomerates buying up publishers this attitude is doubtless extending to all
      literary production, but it's long been an aspect of the publishing of "popular"
      genres (including sf and fantasy), where the focus on the mass market makes
      editors shy away from originality or challenging ideas and demand that authors
      stick to proven crowd-pleasing formulas.
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