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Re: MythCon WAS RE: [mythsoc] Re: Impressed by the books AND themovie trilogy.

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Lisa had some interesting things to say, including:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2004
      Lisa had some interesting things to say, including:

      << Concerning the Dealer's Room. Well, may be it's a good thing you aren't
      coming to this year's Mythcon. The Michigan League won't let us have
      one, so there won't be much there. We will have the papers presenters
      give us, and the MythSoc Tables with our books and mathoms. But not much
      else. >>

      Won't LET you have one? How can an entity prevent a basic conference
      detail like that?

      England sounds good. Seattle sounds good.

      And I should review that Locus list of cons.



      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
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