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Impressed by the books AND the movie trilogy.

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  • Leelan
    I love reading Tolkein s work. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are well used in my house. I have several copies of each in paper and hardback. Until
    Message 1 of 46 , Jul 7, 2004
      I love reading Tolkein's work. "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the
      Rings" are well used in my house. I have several copies of each in
      paper and hardback. Until the movies, I read them every other year at
      least. When the first hint of Autumn weather hits, that is the time to
      read both books!

      But I decided not to read them again until I saw all three of Peter
      Jackson's movies. Too often the translation form page to screen is
      jarring and disappointing. Take the Harry Potter movies as an example.
      Great books but mediocre movies. By "Great" I mean "enjoyable" and
      "entertaining". I do not put them in a class anywhere near Tolkien's
      masterpieces. But you get the idea.

      I have just finished reading the books again - after seeing the
      movies. And I must say that I enjoy both! In fact, I find that one
      enhances the other.

      While reading I was amazed to see how much of the text made it into
      the movie. Many lines in the movie are word-for-word right from the
      page. Sometimes spoken by someone else - but spoken well and enhancing
      the tension etc on-screen.

      Dunharrow. The steep zig-zag path up the mountain and the Pukel men is
      there on the page AND on the screen. I had forgotten all about it. I
      thought Jackson had goofed. But he got it right.

      The "telepathy" between the elves was an invention for the movie I
      thought. But it is there on the page! When Gandalf and the elves
      escort the hobbits back home they sit as still as statues and talk
      mind-to-mind long into the night.

      The opening speech of Galadriel at the beginning of "The Fellowship"
      about a change in the air and in the water is said by Treebeard when
      he greets Galadriel and the others as they take the hobbits home.

      Pippin's song in Gondor was written by Bilbo and mentioned in the text
      of "The Fellowship".

      Frodo being "called" at the bridge of Minas Morgul. Sam and Gollum had
      to drag him away in print and on screen.

      Boromir's "fear and doubt over so small a thing".

      I could go on...


      I am sure that this is not new to this Group. But I have come late to
      the party and thought it worthy of mention.

      But what gets me is not what Jackson did differently in his movies, it
      is what he gets right word-for-word in the visuals, the actions and
      the lines that you see and hear in the theater. I expect movies to be
      different from the books that inpire them. In most cases they are
      VASTLY and disappointingly different. But it is obvious that Peter
      Jackson and his actors and crew love these books as much as we do. How
      else could they come so close?

      Can't wait for the extended version of "Return of the King"!

      -Leelan Lampkins
    • Berni Phillips
      From: Ginger McElwee ... Hey, great! I ll try to remember to look you up at Mythcon. They moved our papers (mine and David Bratman s)
      Message 46 of 46 , Jul 13, 2004
        From: "Ginger McElwee" <gingermc@...>

        >I am looking forward to Mythcon because I have been reading Tolkien and
        >other fantasy since I was in high school is the 60's, and I think this
        >will be the first time I have ever been able to meet with other people
        >who share my passion. For the same reason I enjoy even the
        >disagreements you have with each other. I appreciate the fact that
        >someone else shares my interests enough to want to talk about them.

        Hey, great! I'll try to remember to look you up at Mythcon. They moved
        our papers (mine and David Bratman's) from Monday morning to Friday
        afternoon so we'll be there early for sure.

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