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  • Katie Glick
    ... time, that you have to rely on reviews or friends suggestions or something to winnow down the number of films you see. Well, let me take this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2004
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      Wendell Wagner wrote:

      >This is why, assuming that you don't have an unlimited amount of
      time, that you have to >rely on reviews or friends' suggestions or
      something to winnow down the number of films >you see.

      Well, let me take this opportunity to throw in a shameless plug for my
      husband's website: http://www.metacritic.com For each movie that
      comes out (and DVD, music album and video game) they compile all the
      major reviews, put them together on a page for the movie and assign it
      a score from 1-100. The scores are a good starting point ... for
      example if something has a 12, I don't even bother with it further
      because it is crap. If something scores above 50 then I usually go and
      look at the movie's page and see what the reviews say. It's definitely
      a time saver and very helpful, especially after you learn how to form
      your own opinions based on what you can read about the film.

      And, coming soon, a books section! I am really excited about that and
      am working hard to help them implement it.

      Okay, I'll end my ad now and promise that next time I write it will be
      about mythic questions.
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