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Re: [mythsoc] Posting format (WAS: Re: Re: Green men)

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  • Berni Phillips
    From: Elizabeth Apgar Triano ... No, Lizzie. I agree with Wendell and Deirdre. Sometimes my quotes don t automatically
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 13, 2004
      From: "Elizabeth Apgar Triano" <lizziewriter@...>
      > I add those >>s manually so that people can see what I am quoting.
      > I am not real fond of the automatic every-line things, because while they
      > are nice at first, after a generation or so they get very annoying.
      > Aren't we getting a bit anal here though?

      No, Lizzie. I agree with Wendell and Deirdre. Sometimes my quotes don't
      automatically generate the sideways carets so I have to put them in
      manually. Or I don't like the line breaks. It's not that much harder to go
      back and type

      >This is much easier
      >to read for most
      >of us who are used to
      >this convention

      >than to read this and have it go on and

      and to try to keep track of it that way.

      Also, the ">" business is layered. If you keep in your attributions, as is
      proper netiquette, you get

      >all their text begins with a single mark. If they have quoted someone and
      you keep that in, you get

      >>and all their remarks are preceded by a double mark. Ditto if there is a
      third level of quotes -- there will be 3 marks.

      This is pretty standard. Doing variant quoting is like variant spelling --
      it slows down the reader and has the tendancy to confuse.

      To be quite frank, I often skip what you and Diane write because it's too
      much effort to figure out what is quotation and what is original. And I
      also consider it quite rude to delete the the source of the quotation unless
      there is a very good reason (such as you asked the person if you could quote
      them and they said you could only if you didn't say who it was from).

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