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RE: [mythsoc] Re: Mythago Wood

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2004
      << Lizzie, I'm sorry to have to bother you about this, but would you please
      your quoting in a different style? It's really hard to read your posts. You
      don't put anything anything in front of the quote to indicate that it's a
      quote. (At least, when I read it I don't see anything. Perhaps it gets
      edited out
      by something in the mail system.) >>

      How's that?

      Sorry. I do put a few hard returns in between each time, but still, I
      guess it can get messy.

      And I know I'm taking up a lot of bandwidth. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

      Thanks for the list regarding Mythago. I had no idea ! OK now how many of
      us are going to nip over to amazon dot com to see if they are all still in
      print? I'm about to get booted off the computer again so I will check

      Has anyone read them? Did anyone else find at least some of them a little
      spooky? Or something?


      Elizabeth Apgar Triano
      amor vincit omnia
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