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Middle Earth Furniture

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  • Stolzi
    http://www.middleearthfurniture.co.uk/ Far as I m concerned, the furniture s not the only thing that s distressed. The dark words of the Ring (which their text
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2004

      Far as I'm concerned, the furniture's not the only thing that's distressed.

      The dark words of the Ring (which their text recognizes is "the ultimate symbol of evil") are carved on the pieces, the Ent figure is pretty obviously borrowed from The Movie, and worst of all, there are the Darkness and Light chairs with the Tree, Stars and Crown, carved on the front and the Eye of Sauron on the back.

      And somebody is going to pay thousands of dollars to put these in their houses.

      Diamond Proudbrook

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