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Re: [mythsoc] Movie Reviews in ENY

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  • juliet@firinn.org
    ... An Edomite is a descendant of Esau, Jacob/Israel s twin brother.
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 19, 2004
      > << The reviews of THE PASSION are here
      > http://eny.dioceseny.org/Books.html
      > But the lady who thinks Herod "was Jewish too" is confused. Though he
      > embraced the Jewish religion, he was an Idumaean (Edomite) iirc. >>
      > Thank you. Oh. Which Herod? I will have to reread the reviews. What is
      > an Edomite?

      An Edomite is a descendant of Esau, Jacob/Israel's twin brother.
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