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  • Joe R. Christopher
    ... published, ... _Letters ... Arthur ... C. S. ... the ... No, I can t. Hooper doesn t make it easy, for he does not list where the letters were published
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
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      Wendell asks:

      >Can you explain to us the relationship of the _Collected Letters_ (either of
      >the two volumes) with other books of Lewis's letters that have been
      >like the _Letters_ (1966, revised 1993), _The Latin Letters_ (1987),
      >to an American Lady_ (1971), _Letters to Children_ (1985), _Letters to
      >Greeves_ (a.k.a. _They Stand Together_) (1979), and _From Narnia to a Space
      >Odyssey_ (2003) (which includes some letters between Arthur C. Clarke and
      C. S.
      >Lewis)? By relationship, I mean whether _Collected Letters_ contains all
      >letters in those other volumes.

      No, I can't. Hooper doesn't make it easy, for he does not list where the
      letters were published before--just where the originals or the earliest
      copies are to be found. I found it bothersome that Vol. 1 had so many
      letters to Greeves that I had already in my library (_They Stand
      Together_), but I didn't check to see if there was any difference in those.
      The letters to Lewis's father were sometimes new and often more complete
      than those in _Letters of C. S. Lewis_. Ditto the smaller number to Owen
      Barfield. Quite frankly, I see a need for an index to the letters after
      Hooper gets through with his edition, if he doesn't provide it in the final
      volume, comparing them to the previous publications. Anyway, the _purpose_
      of this edition is obviously to replace the earlier books. But Hooper says
      in the first volume that it doesn't include all of Lewis's letters to his
      father, so there will be more publications sometime.

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