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"Once and Future Medievalisms" CFP

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  • Croft, Janet B.
    Since we do have at least one person down under on this list, here s an interesting call for papers! Janet Brennan Croft Message: 1 Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Since we do have at least one person down under on this list, here's an
      interesting call for papers!

      Janet Brennan Croft

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      Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 15:54:57 +1100
      From: djoymib@...
      Subject: [Fantastic] Call for Papers: Once and Future Medievalisms
      To: fantastic@...
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      Hi everyone,

      Thought this conference might be of interest, particularly to those who
      participated in Fantastic Fictions: Medieval and Modern (or perhaps even
      those who found this list afterwards and missed out on the conference).
      It's being held at my university, although from a different department,
      so I'm not involved in running it at all. In any case, it would be great
      if there were some fantasy and science fiction papers.

      Djoymi Baker
      Cinema Studies
      University of Melbourne

      The University of Melbourne will be hosting a conference called "Once
      and Future Medievalisms", from 27th - 28th September, 2004. The
      conference will feature a plenary address by Professor John Ganim
      (University of California, Riverside) on "Middle Ages at the World's
      Fairs: Medievalism, Orientalism and Imperialism."

      The theme of the conference is the afterlife of medieval culture,
      whether this takes the form of historical reconstruction or imaginative
      recreation, in the academy or in high or popular culture, from the late
      medieval and early modern period to the contemporary era. Submissions
      are invited on any aspect of medievalism, from a range of disciplinary
      fields and cultural practices: literature, history, cultural studies,
      film, art, ritual practice, architecture, religion, music, television,
      children's literature, re-enactment groups, etc..

      Preference may be given to proposals that foreground theoretical issues.
      For example, is there a distinctive methodology of medievalism studies?
      What does it mean to study or recreate the medieval in a modern or
      post-modern era? What is the relationship between medievalism and
      gothic? How do we differentiate present and future practice from the
      past history of medievalism? How has the meaning and signification of
      'medieval' changed since the close of the Middle Ages?

      Abstracts (for papers of 20 minutes) should be approximately 200 words
      long, and should be sent to the conference secretary, Helen Hickey
      (h.hickey@...) by June 21, 2004.

      Please forward this invitation to other colleagues and postgraduates who
      might like to offer a paper.

      Best wishes,

      Stephanie Trigg
      (conference convenor)

      Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Trigg
      Department of English
      University of Melbourne,
      Victoria, 3010 Australia
      Tel. +61 3 8344 5504/5506
      Fax. +61 3 8344 5494
      Email: sjtrigg@...
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