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Middle earth Tour--FYI

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  • Edith.Crowe@sjsu.edu
    Edith L. Crowe Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society http://www.mythsoc.org ... Janet Coyle 03/04/2004 07:16 PM
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2004
      Edith L. Crowe
      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society
      ----- Forwarded by Edith Crowe/SJSU on 03/08/2004 01:50 PM -----

      "Janet Coyle" <nzaustours@...>
      03/04/2004 07:16 PM
      Please respond to "Janet Coyle"

      To: <Edith.Crowe@...>
      Subject: Middle earth Tour

      Dear Edith,
      Last year you were kind enough to publish information on our Middle-earth
      Tour of New Zealand which took place in January and at least one person
      came on the trip as a result. I thank you very much.

      Because that tour was such a spectacular success and to enable teachers
      and students to join a high quality tour we are offering another trip June
      23 - July 6. Michael Stanton, will again be our Tolkien expert. Michael
      taught classes on Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings for over 30 years at
      the U. of Vermont and is he the author of Hobbits, Elves and Wizards a study of Tolkien. and the Lord of the Rings. We will visit all the
      major film locations on both North and South Islands and at each site we
      will be accompanied by our special guides who were present during the
      filming and who brought life to the sites with their detailed knowledge
      and anecdotes. In the evening we watch on DVD the scenes we visited
      during the day.
      Cost for the tour is $3264.00 and includes accommodation with breakfast,
      some dinners, entrance to sites , special guides, helicopter flight to
      sites near Queenstown.

      I would appreciate it greatly if you could offer this information to your
      members. the January trip was nothing short of magic.

      We are also planning another tour in February next year but dates and
      details are not firm as yet.

      With best wishes,
      Jan Coyle

      Pacific Pathways
      1919 Chula Vista Drive
      Belmont, CA 94002
      PH: (650) 595 2090
      FAX: (650) 591 7721

      Experience the Best of New Zealand and Australia!

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