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  • Tom & Maria T
    From Maria T. wttatham@wcnet.org To: LeslieJ55@aol.com Don t know the name of the book. I always look for it when at the library, cause I want to finish
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 1999
      From Maria T. wttatham@...
      To: LeslieJ55@...

      Don't know the name of the book. I always look for it when at the library,
      cause I want to
      finish what I didn't read the first time. Will try to check again.
      I don't feel slammed, but am having difficulty with on-line discussion.
      Almost feel belligerent. Also, where are the people I'm talking to? As a
      very newby, I'd like to say that it's preferable to have your fins nipped,
      then to be looked right through. However, am feeling like there is so much
      info, so little human contact in this type of communication, that I feel
      like a sophomore on the varsity team, who somehow can't see the players, and
      wonders why I got out on the floor at all.
      A lot to think about in what you said, for example "myth is history in
      COLOR." Will look for Joseph Wambaugh's work.
      Though I enjoy and admire the work of Tolkien, Lewis, and Williams, I
      haven't been a student of their works, and don't have much experience with,
      for example, the Tolkien "Phenomenon". Feel like I've started at a new
      school, and am way behind. However, I do understand something about
      fantasy, though I'm inexpert. "The outpouring is great" you said, of those
      attempting to show the impact of his work upon their lives and thinking.
      Shows the creativity of his work, doesn't it? And how creativity sparks
      more creativity. Thanks for responding. Maria T.
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      From: LeslieJ55@... <LeslieJ55@...>
      To: mythsoc@onelist.com <mythsoc@onelist.com>
      Date: Thursday, February 25, 1999 5:53 AM
      Subject: [mythsoc] Re: yrderzomenymororses..,

      >From: LeslieJ55@...
      >Comment to MamaT:
      >Would be great if you could name the book, and tell us why they are not
      >the tradition" of Tolkien. "In the tradition of Tolkien" has become a
      >catchall phrase for publishers trying to push fantasy books for quite some
      >time now. Yet there really isn't a Tradition of Tolkien. Tolkien was very
      >unique in almost all of his work. The use of historical truth blended into
      >myth( myth is hstory In COLOR: read with Magic)(Please look into the works
      >Joseph Wambaugh). Tolkien reaches into the classsic myth form and through
      >subtlety explores the morality play of prejudice, bigotry, the causes of
      >and the search for liberty and honor. He explores the depths of humanity
      >while allowing us to leave our own space (this earth) and see it from
      >side. Fantasy prior to Tolkien had not entered such classically true
      >human emotions.
      >Since the 60's Tolkien "Phenomena" or TolkienMania, fans of his work (and
      >Lewis and others) have grown to be adults attempting to show the impact
      >work has had on their lives, their thinking, and their ideas of what should
      >the fantasy novel. The outpouring is great. THAT is in the Tradition of
      >Just had to pour out these thoughts.
      >A Hobbit speaks.
      >Have you visited our new web site?
      >Onelist: Helping to create Internet communities
      >The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org
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