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Re: [mythsoc] Tolkien

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  • David Bratman
    ... Of course. - David Bratman
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2004
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      At 08:12 PM 1/17/2004 -0500, Stolzi@... wrote:
      >I have been marking pages in the LOTR where I conceive that Tolkien's text
      >has Biblical echoes, hoping someday to make a list. But today I came across
      >something different.
      >Eomer meets Aragorn and his two companions, and learns from them of Boromir's
      >death. He is grief-struck, and among other things he exclaims,
      >"That was a worthy man!"
      >A BEOWULF echo, surely? Not that JRRT would directly quote, but that his
      >mind and heart must have been filled with the words and rhythms of BEOWULF?

      Of course.

      - David Bratman
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