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[mythsoc] Reading (was idiotic film? -- or other books anyway)

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    My experience was similar; my mom read mysteries and belonged to something called the Detective Book Club. Three tales in one book, and they looked
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2004
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      My experience was similar; my mom read mysteries and belonged to something
      called "the Detective Book Club." Three tales in one book, and they looked
      something like Reader's Digest Condensed Books. She did introduce me to
      Perry Mason. My stepfather read the papers, maybe an occasional magazine;
      that was about all I ever saw him read. They were both working.

      I was the reader and book collector in my house; most of my allowance went
      for books. Luckily, my parents never tried to censor what I read, and
      trusted me to make decisions about what was appropriate. I don't recall
      being read to much, but I read dictionaries and figured out that these were
      some of the most interesting repositories of knowledge; they not only told
      me how to pronounce things but defined them. I'm the type that when I found
      a new word in a story, I'd consult the glossary, and / or a dictionary. I
      felt as if I'd found a new treasure when I learned a new word. ---djb

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      Very interesting stories, Wendell! It's fascinating how some people with
      non-reading parents grow up to be voracious readers. My mom read a lot,
      and my dad reads more now that he is retired, so it's not too strange
      that my brother and I are both librarians with houses full of books. My
      daughter's carrying on the proud family tradition of cleaning her room
      only so she can fit in more books. But my husband grew up with an
      "aliterate" mother -- could read, but never read a novel, and proud of
      it -- and a grandmother who had been a schoolteacher but later only read
      the Bible and religious magazines, as far as I could tell. His brother
      reads technical manuals, like Scottie on Star Trek, and that's about it.
      So why did he grow up to read everything in sight, like Wendell? Not
      that I'm complaining -- when you can double your library by marrying
      someone, what's to complain about!


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