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Re: [mythsoc] Afterlife (was My M*vie Review: or; Lies, Damn Lies, and Peter Jackson)

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  • dianejoy@earthlink.net
    Not only is the PJ version a muddled view of ME s after life, but it s a trivialization of this world s Christian view. All shall turn to silver glass
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5 9:16 AM
      Not only is the PJ version a muddled view of ME's after life, but it's a
      trivialization of this world's Christian view. "All shall turn to silver
      glass" indeed---sounds like the afterlife is no more than a fairy tale
      which no real thinking person REALLY believes. POOH! ---djb

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      >I had not yet seen anyone comment on how this view of the
      >afterlife is a fundamental lie about Tolkien's world-view for
      >Middle-earth, indeed about as fundamental a lie as one can fabricate.

      I said that, or almost that in my post, Carl - what am I, chopped liver? :)

      I recopy the post below my sig for anyone who missed it.

      Diamond Proudbrook (in love w/sound of own voice)
      The beautiful lines about "a far green country under a swift sunrise" are
      the film. But their context has been completely changed.

      Gandalf speaks them, to comfort a frightened Pippin who is worried about
      death in battle. Thus they become an assertion that death is but a passage
      to a
      happily-ever-afterlife for all.

      This is not what Tolkien says. The Undying Lands are for the Elves, who do
      not die (unless killed) - and as it turns out, by special privilege for a
      few others, the Ringbearers. Men and Hobbits and Dwarves die and have only
      vaguest hints of any possible life beyond this one. Death is a huge and
      serious matter in THE LORD OF THE RINGS (the real one).

      What Jackson's Gandalf says is perhaps the secular religion most common to
      our times, the religion of Hallmark cards, but it's not what Christianity
      teaches - nor what Tolkien, a Roman Catholic Christian, believed. A happy
      afterlife, in that faith, is only the result of committing oneself to a
      rather awesome
      and dangerous process (that of "being in Christ" who has conquered death).
      is not handed out like candy by a Santa Claus sort of God.

      Tolkien would have been furious, I think, to see his work used to propagate
      this kind of fluff.

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