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Arwen in t

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  • David Lenander
    Susan s theory is exactly what I would ve said--plus, as anyone who s seen the Children s Theatre Company production of _The Hobbit_ (part of the Bree Moot 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2003
      Susan's theory is exactly what I would've said--plus, as anyone who's seen the Children's Theatre Company production of _The Hobbit_ (part of the Bree Moot 3 program), or heard my paper on the play at the 2002 Mythcon would know, it's exactly what the playwright did with the CTC
      script. Arwen did a bit more than "pour tea," in fact I think that she had kind of an interesting role, but she didn't swing swords or ride a skateboard and stayed in Rivendell.

      I've been predicting that New Line Cinema would go on to make _The Hobbit_ since the first movie's success, but I'm a little surprised that Peter Jackson wants to do this--I hope it's not JUST for the money. The thing I've worried about New Line Cinema is that they might somehow
      manage to start doing a "sequel" to LOTR: LOTR IV: The Return of the Dark Lord; LOTR V: A New Hope: Quest for the Lost Finger; etc.

      Regarding the new film Hobbit, I kind of hope that they get some other actor to play the younger Bilbo, too. Incidentally, Orlando Bloom can reappear in Mirkwood when they visit the Wood-elves, too. Maybe he'll join the quest to the Lonely Mountain, and strike up a romance with
      skateboarding Arwen, or maybe Fili or Kili. He can argue with Thranduil about keeping the dwarves prisoners for no good reason. Then he can go storming off, and fall over a cliff in to the river---oops, I guess that was done. I didn't mind Tom Bombadil's absence in LOTR, but they
      better not omit Beorn from _The Hobbit_!! (The CTC did. They also left out Bard--guess who killed Smaug).

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      > Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 23:05:35 EST
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      > Subject: [. . . .] Arwen in The Hobbit
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      > In The Hobbit, the hobbits go to Rivendell and see Elrond, yes? Tolkien
      > probably hadn't invented Arwen at that point -- he didn't even fix on her name
      > until quite late in the composition of LotR, iirc -- but according to the later
      > chronology established for Middle Earth, wouldn't she have been there then? I
      > know she spent time in Lothlorien visiting grandma, and presumably that's how
      > we can explain her absence in the Hobbit (and perhaps Tolkien put in the
      > Lothlorien visits to explain her absence in the earlier book), but Jackson's
      > viewers, if they see Rivendell, would expect to see Arwen too.
      > Therefore I'm not yet ready to say that her presence in Jackson's Hobbit will
      > necessarily be ridiculous, unless he has her slaying Smaug. If she's just
      > pouring tea in Rivendell, I think it will be fine.
      > Susan
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