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MZB's Essay on Tolkien

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  • Joan Marie Verba
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1 6:20 AM
      Forwarded from another list:

      > It looks as if MZB´s long essay on Tolkien and THE LORD OF THE RINGS (" Men,
      > Halflings, and Hero-Worship") would be reprinted in a new collection of
      > Tolkien criticism. Here are the details and the book description:
      > Understanding The Lord of the Rings : The Best of Tolkien Criticism
      > by Neil D Isaacs (Editor), Rose A Zimbardo (Editor)
      > # Hardcover: 288 pages
      > # Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co; (May 2004)
      > # ISBN: 061842251X
      > Book Description
      > When first published, The Lord of the Rings stood so far apart from the
      > mainstream that no one could recall reading anything like it. Tolkien"s unique
      > tale needed valiant defenders, vocal admirers who understood its sources and
      > relished its monumental scale. While such champions of modernism as Edmund
      > Wilson mocked the trilogy"s archaic structure and language, W. H. Auden — a
      > great modernist poet in his own right — rose to Tolkien"s defense with a
      > spirited essay on the true nature of the hero quest. Edmund Fuller"s essay
      > discusses the nature of the fairy tale, returning to the roots of the term to
      > remove the treacle of Disney and restore the value of enchantment. Tolkien"s
      > friend C. S. Lewis takes up the question of why, if you have a serious comment
      > to make about real life, you would drape it in a never-never land of your own.
      > He shrewdly argues that it is because real life does have mythic and heroic
      > qualities — in abundance. The collection also includes essays by Marion Zimmer
      > Bradley, Verlyn Fleiger, and each of the editors, as well as a brand-new essay
      > by Tom Shippey that shows us what to make of all this vast learning, adding to
      > it the many delights of the films, so we can relish Tolkien"s achievement all
      > the more.
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