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FW: New from Bud: Gaiman, free shipping, more

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  • Elizabeth Apgar Triano
    I know the attached is rather long, but it includes a Sandman related book, and I wasn t sure whether folks might be interested in anything else about this
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2003
      I know the attached is rather long, but it includes a Sandman related book, and I wasn't sure whether folks might be interested in anything else about this source.

      Lizzie Triano
      amor vincit omnia

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      Subject: New from Bud: Gaiman, free shipping, more

      Hello, Elizabeth A.,
      GRASS VALLEY, USA -- Some of our most popular titles offer the "best" in various genres. Good examples are Spectrum 10 for fantasy art and Illustrators #44 for illustration. If you enjoy these kinds of compilations (or just great art), a book just arrived I think you'll like. THE CHESLEY AWARDS FOR SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY ART: A Retrospective, written by John Grant and Elizabeth Humphrey, presents two decades of outstanding fantastic art. The Chesley Awards are an annual recognition of the best work in the field, and not since the first few Spectrum volumes has this excellent art been showcased. This contains more than 300 color images and full documentation of the nominees and winners, including names like Frank Frazetta, Brom, Thomas Canty, James Christensen, Brian Froud, James Gurney, Alan Lee, John Jude Palencar, Alex Schomberg, Michael Whelan and many others. Includes commentary sidebars for each image with commentary about the work by the artist. It's a who's who of fantasy and science fiction artists in a well-produced and beautiful edition. I recommend it. [CHEH] Your price: $45.00

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      If you didn't see my email newsletter last week, you may have missed our two-week offer for free shipping. To show my appreciation for being a subscriber to the Bud Plant email program, we will ship for FREE* your first purchase over $29.99 at our website (www.budplant.com). We're only sending this offer to email subscribers. Simply place an order by October 26 and type the code QFS1003 in the Promo Code field. (You'll find this field at the bottom of the Order Checkout page.) That's it. We'll take off the shipping charge and send it FREE* as a tangible way of thanking you for participating in our email programs.
      *Free shipping offer valid U.S. only through Oct. 26, 2003.

      You'll find 11 new items this week on our website (www.budplant.com) today, Oct. 22, 2003. Here are some I personally recommend. To purchase a product, or for more information, please click the cover image.
      THE SANDMAN: King of Dreams
      Recommended. By Alisa Kwitney, introduction by Neil Gaiman. The only comic to ever win the World Fantasy Award, The Sandman is the story of a very powerful and haunting being and his fiefdom, the land of dreams. This explores the beginnings of The Sandman series and chronicles it's unique position as a force in the literary world. Each collection of Sandman stories is examined, highlighting critical plot points and the evolving story arc. Included are interviews with Gaiman and artists who worked on the series, plus behind-the-scenes stories, Gaiman's handwritten notes for some sequences, unpublished preliminary art and more. Lots of comic pages and covers are reprinted with sidebars for each. This incisive testament to the series features artwork by Dave McKean, Yoshitaka Amano, Charles Vess, Jill Thompson, P. Craig Russell and many others. [SAH] Your price: $35.00
      AMERICAN SPLENDOR: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar
      Recommended. Introduction by R. Crumb. This collects all of Pekar's American Splendor comics from 1976-1986. His stories are filled with the everyday minutiae of day-to-day living societal angst, enough so that they inspired a film that won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. These literary comic stories have been illustrated by some of the best artists in the business, including Kevin Brown, Gregory Budgett, Sean Carroll, Sue Cavey, Gary Dumm, Val Mayerik and Gary Shamray, and of course several by Crumb. All feature excellent art and intelligent writing -- a truly great collection. [AMERIC] Your price: $15.95
      HEAVY METAL November 2003
      This starts off with a gallery featuring the art of Carlos Diez and includes 10 of his erotic pin-up works. Also included this issue is an interview with Zippy creator Bill Griffith, plus comic stories by Carlo Bocchio, Alfonso Font, Serpieri (60 pages!),Paolo DiOrazio, Roberto Ricci and William Bourassa. The new tip-in print is by Juan Gimenez. Cover by Alex Horley. [HM1103] Your price: $5.99
      JANESKO REVEALED 2004 Calendar
      Recommended. By Jennifer Janesko. Thirteen sensual images of Janesko's seductive ladies. Janesko's sexy pin-up girls have been featured in Airbrush Action, Scream Queens, Femme Fatales and Playboy. Inspired by the style of Olivia, her gorgeous women are always in intimate eye contact with the viewer. The large format gives the viewer great close-ups of her work. The last four months of 2003 are displayed under one image; each month of 2004 is graced with its own reigning beauty. There are two completely different calendars by Janesko. One is a more adult version with nudity. The mature edition has more close-ups of faces (and just a little minor nudity). It's not only tasteful but sports all different artwork. We decided to stock them both. You can order either the adult version [JANE4] or more subdued version [JAN4] now. Both are $13.95. See the Calendars section on our website for more titles.
      ZOOMORPHIC: New Animal Architecture
      Recommended. Focusing on contemporary architecture, this shows structures inspired by or resembling animal shapes. Using modern materials and methods, architects are able to break away from the constraints of rectilinear construction and create striking organic forms. This briefly overviews classic design, then shows a cornucopia of international designs which are static, dynamic or accidentally animalish in form. More than 250 photos and illustrations show amazing, sculpted buildings -- homes, museums, businesses, bridges and more. [ZOOH] Your price: $29.95

      Bud's Hot Tips:
      We have 11 great items this week.
      I also recommend:
      Our #1 Bestseller
      SPECTRUM 10: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art
      Our Highest Recommendation. Edited by Cathy and Arnie Fenner. The sumptuous Spectrum series has become an invaluable resource for art directors, illustrators and fans over the past 10 years. This latest volume -- SPECTRUM 10 -- is filled with significant works from books, comics, magazines, video games, advertising, film and television -- 300 color illustrations in all. In addition to a profile of 2003 Grand Master Award-winner Michael William Kaluta, this shows works by more than 200 artists -- including Dave McKean, Michael Whelan, Jon Foster, Greg Horn, Anita Kunz, John Jude Palencar and Peter de Seve (plus contact information for each creator). We have the Spectrum 10 softcover for $27 [SPECTRUM10]; for only another $8, you can get the Spectrum 10 hardcover for $35 [SPECTRUM10H] Coming very soon: The reprint of Spectrum 1, which will be in-house soon. See the original that started it all!

      THE RUNES OF ELFLAND -- Highly Recommended. Signed bookplate. By Ari Berk and Brian Froud. An interpretation of the ancient and mystical runes of Celtic and European origin. Froud's paintings and folklorist Berk's words describe these runes through the world of fairies and myth that is Elfland. More than 90 illustrations, 24 never-before-seen and in full-color. It also includes a special illustrated bookplate, signed by Froud, available only through us. [RUNEHS] Your price: $25.00
      CHILDREN'S BOOK COVERS: Great Book Jacket and Cover Design -- Recommended. Excellent price! By Alan Powers. This is a chronological survey of illustrated bindings and covers, from rare Georgian and Regency gems through Victorian gift books, to the diversity of postwar styles. Over 400 full-color images including work by Edward Lear, Randolph Caldecott, Beatrix Potter, Kenneth Grahame, Arthur Ransome, Maurice Sendak, Wanda Gag, and Roald Dahl. [CHILH] Your price: $29.95
      COMIC ART #4 -- Highly Recommended. Only $9! This issue include the postwar cartoons of Charles Schulz; a profile on Ernesto Cabral; Charles Burns in the studio; a fascinating study of visionary synchronicities in Carl Barks comics; and a very personal story on Mad cartoonist Basil Wolverton by his son, Monte. This issue's comic strip insert is by Kaz; the cover image is by Cabral. [COMA04]
      Bud Plant carries a wide variety of collector and artist supplies -- from our best-selling plastic book covers to mylar bags, choice of the pros. In between we have mylite -- which offers the acid-free protection of Mylar at a fraction of the price. We have sizes ranging from pocket-card sleeves to bags for prints and posters. Looking to protect your valuable books, magazines, paperbacks and comics? Check out our Collector & Artist Supplies section. We even offer discounts on bulk orders in some cases! (We also offer sketchbooks, display frames, comic art boards and blank comic book pages.)

      CLASSIC FAIRY TALES -- Highly Recommended. Illustrated by Scott Gustafson. Collecting 10 of the most enduring fairy tales of all time. Gustafson spent four years creating the richly-colored oil paintings here -- 75 in all. Includes a bookplate signed by the artist. [CLAFH] Your price: $19.95
      THE SANDMAN: Endless Nights -- Highly Recommended. By Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. Gaiman returns to the Sandman universe for the first time in seven years. Alternately haunting, bittersweet, erotic and nightmarish, each of these seven stories is illustrated by a different artist: P. Craig Russell, Milo Manara, Bill Sienkiewicz, Miguelanxo Prado, Barron Storey, Glenn Fabry and Frank Quitely. Beautifully produced, sensual, literary and mythic. Also included is an artist biography section and a summary of each volume in the Sandman library. Wraparound cover by McKean. [SANDEH] Your price: $24.95
      FRANKLIN BOOTH: Painter With a Pen -- Highly Recommended. Considered one of the most important talents in the field of illustration, Franklin Booth inspired generations with his work. He imitated the woodblock printing techniques of the late 1800s, and with his pen created fresh and unique images. This is the first new collection of Booth's work since 1925, and the largest -- with more than 180 illustrations focusing on his work for books and leading magazines, most of which have never been reprinted. There is almost NO overlap with Franklin Booth: 60 Drawings, the only other collection of his work. Reproduction is absolutely first rate -- the drawings look as if they're from the original art (some are). Very limited supply. [FRANKL] Your price: $19.95
      Femme Fatales sets on sale
      Femme Fatales is one of the best magazines covering sex appeal on screen. When we found some back issues at great prices last spring, we combined them into seven sets at 75 percent off the publisher's prices (sets #1-7). The results: You liked them so much we had trouble keeping up with demand. So we got another batch and combined them into six more sets (#8-13). Femme Fatales is a slick color magazine devoted exclusively to the seductive sex queens of horror, fantasy, and science fiction films. These are packed with on- and off-screen cheesecake, interviews and sizzling photos. We stopped handling every issue, but we got such a great deal on these that we couldn't resist offering them in sets at a significantly reduced price. Publisher's prices remain $8 and up for all back issues; your price is just $2 each! We varied the sets to include five to nine magazines. Inside are the hottest B-Queens of the day plus classic B-Queens. Check out our sale sets while they last!

      You can view all the new items for this week here.

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