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New Tolkien Book in Italian

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  • Edith.Crowe@sjsu.edu
    Catching up on my forwarding. Edith L. Crowe Acting Head, Reference & Academic Services Art & Humanities Librarian San Jose State University Library
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2003
      Catching up on my forwarding.

      Edith L. Crowe
      Acting Head, Reference & Academic Services
      Art & Humanities Librarian
      San Jose State University Library
      (408) 808-2037

      Corresponding Secretary of the Mythopoeic Society
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      "MARIA ASSUNTA LILLO" <mariaassunta.lillo@...>
      09/21/2003 01:35 AM

      To: <ecrowe@...>
      Subject: MythSoc web site

      Dear Publisher,
      my name is Giovanni Agnoloni, and I am an Italian writer from Florence (I
      enclose a short bio of mine for completeness of information). I would like
      to inform you that the publication of a long comparative literature essay
      of mine (focussed on Tolkien's fantasy world) is very close to come. My
      publisher's distributors have already begun to sell it, and the print
      version will follow shortly. The title (translated from Italian) is :
      "Literature and fantasy - The gardens of Lorien" (original title:
      "Letteratura e fantastico ? I giardini di Lorien"), and it is a
      comparative analysis of the most significant passages of "The Lord of the
      Rings" and other beautiful excerpts from masters like Homer, Virgil,
      Dante, James Joyce, and many contemporary authors both of fantasy (and
      sci-fi) and realistic literature (from Terry Brooks to William Gibson,
      from Joseph O'Connor to Roddy Doyle). This is the newest aspect of this
      work, whose purpose is that of demonstrating on one hand that Tolkien has
      to be considered one of the greatest writers ever existed (not only the
      father of "fantasy literature"), on the other to explain the reasons of
      the very special spell that the "Lord of the Rings" casts on millions of
      readers. The passages quoted, in fact, each time offer the hint for a
      reflection, whose purpose is defining the secret of Tolkien's Middle
      Earth, compared with "our" middle earth: the world we all live in. The
      answer comes after a journey through the most beautiful sceneries of
      Middle Earth, as well as through an analysis of the characters of the
      "Lord of the Rings". And the answer is: "energy": the same that runs in
      this world's veins, but made of a subtler material, more fluid, more
      easily perceptible, like a flower essence able to heal and comfort.
      The reason why I'm trying to make contact with you is that my Publisher
      would be very happy to promote this book also abroad. Should any English
      speaking publisher be interested in a translation, we could provide one.
      In this case, you may directly contact my Publisher, whose complete
      address is:
      Spazio Tre srl, Via Savona, 55/A - 20144 Milano - Italy
      Tel: +39 02 48953350 - +39 02 47715329
      Fax: + 39 02 4236926
      E-mail: info@....<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"

      But I would also be very happy if you were so kind to let me know your
      answer, too. My address is:
      Giovanni Agnoloni
      Via Bugiardini 18
      50143 ? Firenze - Italy
      Tel./fax: +39 055 7320566
      Mobile: + 39 340 3975477
      E-mail: mariaassunta.lillo@... (or, secondarily, seanfree@... )

      Thanks very much for your kind attention.

      Best Regards,
      Giovanni Agnoloni

      Biographical note on the author:

      Giovanni Agnoloni was born in Florence (Italy), on the 9th September 1976.
      After a major in Classical studies, he obtained an honours degree in Law
      from the University of Florence (June, 2002) with a thesis on Data
      Protection Law in Italy and Common Law countries. He speaks Italian,
      English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and he works as a translator and
      His published writing consists of a long essay on Tolkien's world (to be
      released in May or September 2003, Spazio Tre, Milan), in six short
      stories ("Steps in the sand", in AOIFE'S KISS March 2003 no., see www.samsdotpublishing.com ; "The ex-girlfriend", in June's number of PENUMBRIC SPECULATIVE FICTION MAGAZINE, see http://www.neomythos.com/penumbric ; "The secret", in July's number of THE MARTIAN WAVE, see www.samsdotpublishing.com ; "The steady airplane", published in Septeber 2003 number of
      "Ambitions", e-mail address Ambitionscoffee@... ; "The Alien Festival", to be published in November's number of ALIENSKIN
      MAGAZINE, see www.alienskinmag.com; "The remaining sun", to be published in 2004 by PENUMBRIC SPECULATIVE FICTION MAGAZINE, see http://www.neomythos.com/penumbric) and in two poems ("The veil around Earth", to be published in October's
      number of BETWEEEN KISSES newsletter, see www.samsdotpublishing.com, and "Smoke of blue cigar", to be published in November's number of
      "Brady Magazine", see www.bradymagazine.com).
      He has also written a techno-thriller, that is currently being reviewed by
      various agents across America, Ireland and the UK, and a collection of
      short stories in Italian, under consideration of Italian Publishers.
      He is presently working on a fantasy novel in English and on two mystery
      novels in Italian, apart from a long-term project for a new Italian essay
      in more volumes on comparative literature themes, that is his most
      ambitious goal.

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