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Re: [mythsoc] Digest Number 1347, resend with full bottom paragrah

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  • JP Massar
    ... I ve wondered whether that line ( By all rights we shouldn t even be here ) was some kind of inside joke or even a protest against the script changes that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      At 09:41 AM 9/2/03, you wrote:
      >One comment made in the extras was how they filmed many scenes that
      >didn't make it into the movie, but that Jackson said "that's ok, they
      >will be in the DVD"
      > From that and other bits it sounds like many of the mood-setting and
      >explanatory scenes were intentionally cut from the theatrical releases
      >and saved for the DVD. I know I was -much- happier with the extended
      >version of FotR. This may be the case with TT as well. And perhaps we
      >can skip the part where Sam naturally has to say, in Osgilliath "Mr.
      >Frodo, I don't think Professor Tolkien ever intended us to be here"

      I've wondered whether that line ('By all rights we shouldn't even be here')
      was some kind of inside joke or even a protest against the script changes
      that someone managed to keep in because it sort of fits and yet has an
      obvious double meaning.

      >It is sad that Jackson doesn't seem to know how to convey fear and dread
      >through lighting and music. The flying ringwraiths lack that conveyance
      >of abject terror that was their chief weapon, so they have to fly in the
      >ground clutter and directly attack, rather than having grown men cower
      >in fear when they are at angels 10.

      TTT shows the soldiers of Gondor cowering in Osgiliath as the Nazgul flies
      overhead, but I think the effect is not very well done. Most people, I would
      think, would simply wonder why all the soldiers aren't firing arrows at the
      Nazgul like Faramir eventually does. Only understanding Tolkien's conception
      of the Nazgul already allows the scene to make some sense.
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